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Jun 4, 2008 05:25 PM

Cru Cafe in Charleston - Only for Lunch?

In searching this board for restaurants in Charleston, noticed that most posters who mention Cru Cafe recommend it for lunch. It's not often amongst the top restaurants listed for dinners. I checked out their menu on their website and both dinner and lunch menus looked interesting. Is there a reason why most posters only recommend it for lunch, and don't mention it for dinner?

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  1. Speaking for myself, I have recommended it for both lunch and dinner. In fact, I can't remember the last time I ate lunch at Cru. However, sometimes I will put it in the lunch column because other restaurants people want to visit are only open for dinner.

    1. I would recommend it for either - it's good!

      1. We had dinner their recently and it was one of the highlight meals of our trip. The staff was so accomodating and the food was great. Not to mention we took a rickshaw cab there b/c it is off the beaten path, which for us only added to it's charm. Get the mussels!

        1. Thanks, think we'll try it for dinner!

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            It is just one of the best lunches in Charleston. The owner and chefs are so wonderful to speak with. The staff is also very good. Not to mention that their sweet tea is almost as good as Jestine's.

          2. I think the reason that everyone recommends it for lunch is because, as someone else stated, most other restaurants that people recommend are only open for dinner. There are so many great night spots, and while Cru definitely is good for dinner as well, the fact that they're open for lunch allows you to try them while still getting in another of the great spots for dinner.

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              Just visited charleston for the first time - went to cru cafe for lunch and then for dinner twice - it is that good - reasonably priced and not pretentious like some restaurants. Lunch was very good but not necessarily memorable?? But dinner is a different story. Sit at the kitchen table if you want to chat with the chefs and staff - we did that twice! HIghlights off the main menu were the gnocchi appetizer, "fried chicken" which is an interesting concept/presentation, thai risotto, tuna (excellent!! - served perfectly rare!!) and pork chop. Some specials that were excellent were fried green tomato and pork belly appetizer and roasted beet/goat cheese/arugula salad. Oh yeah, don't forget to get an order of the mac and cheese.......

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                Thanks everyone. We made resv for dinner -- looking forward to it!! We're keeping our lunches pretty open, since we're not sure what days we'll be in the downtown - we'll be going to Middleton plantation and day trip to beach.