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Jun 4, 2008 05:19 PM

South Bay Sushi with Brown Rice???

I need help finding sushi restaurants in the South Bay that have a brown rice option. I can't do without my sushi but the doctor is nixing white rice in my diet. Help!

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  1. Whole Foods in Torrance will make sushi for you using brown rice. I don't recall anyplace in the South Bay being mentioned on the board before. There is a good place up in Venice on Abbot Kinney that makes it (Shima). You also might think about changing over to sashimi in place of sushi.

    1. Thanks servorg...I have been using Whole Foods for brown rice sushi for about a year. It is defintely a tasty treat. I was hoping to expand my South Bay options. Thanks for taking the time to reply:)

      1. I just saw that Taiko in El Segundo will make sushi with brown rice for a $1 upcharge.