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Jun 4, 2008 05:13 PM

Ode to the Krazy Drink at Short & Sweet

Krazy Drink, you temptress. I love your jellies, your pearls, and your puddings. So many puddings. To drink you is to go from skepticism to joy. No - mango should not taste good with coffee, almond, taro. But you don't need to think about the details of your parts, because you are your own experience, whole and unique. I actually dream about you, Krazy Drink! And when I get to drink you, I am happy. To call you merely bubble tea is like comparing a firecracker to the Fourth of July. Krazy Drink, promise me you'll never go away!

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  1. I saw it there and was totally clueless as to what it is. There was no signage, other than "Krazy Drink".

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    1. re: Mersenne twister

      After being a steady customer to Pho Saigon in the China Center the BF and I decided it was time to try the Bubble Tea's next door at the short and sweet cafe. This was a first for me and we opted for the milk tea with pearls. I have to say it was delicious and refreshing. I loved the flavor and the texture of this interesting drink. But the options were a bit overwhelming from the fruit drinks to the teas. Can anyone suggest a must try tea for next time? As we will be going back!

      1. re: chowinginaustin

        The taro milk tea and almond milk tea are always good suggestions if you've never had bubble tea before. i recently tried the mango milk tea there and really liked it. but i grew up drinking a lot of mango nectar (so more nostalgic for me)....

        as for the Krazy Drink... uh, a bit too crazy for me. it tasted like light watery corn syrup with random junk floating in it. no me gusta...

        1. re: abidonfood

          Personally, I love the "random junk" - but that's just me! I asked what the drink part was because I couldn't identify the taste (thought it might be mango?) but the nice lady at the counter told me it was wintermelon with a conspiratorial nod. I do think it is very sweet, but my strategy is to let the ice melt somewhat before drinking it all, which cuts the sweetness.

          So after having a few dozen Krazy Drinks, I have to say I've refined my selection process when ordering it. I love all the puddings and I always ask for extra almond pudding which is my favorite. They use almond, taro, egg (like a custard), and somthing pink - not sure what that one is. They also put in a couple of jellies - coffee which I like, and a green one which I now ask them to leave out. I've asked what that green one was a few times but I cannot seem to process the name or what it is. All I can tell you is that it tastes like rehydrated toenails. Okay, that's gross. Sorry. And then they add the tapioca pearls - essential.

          If I were not to get the krazy drink, I would probably order the mango tea with pearls. Or actually, my kids just tried this last time - chocolate milk with pearls which they serve as a frozen drink. It was great!