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Jun 4, 2008 05:08 PM

food near Bank of America Pavilion

We will be coming into Boston on a Saturday in June to see a show at the Bank of America Pavilion (yeah Phil!) and we are staying nearby at the Boston Renaissance Waterfront. Is there anywhere worth eating around the vicinity for an early dinner? If not, is there anywhere to consider that would be easily accessible from that area. We will have a car.
I am looking for good food of any type, we like ethnic food, gastropubs, pizza (if it is great). I am not too interested in a fancy destination type restaurant, we will not be dressed up and we are not looking for a two hour extravagant meal.

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  1. There used to be a real shortage of places near there, but that's changed in recent years, but in order of proximity you have:
    Yankee Lobster Fish Market, casual, and they do take out. Almost next door.
    LTK (Legal Test Kitchen), casual with the feel of swish lounge. About 3 min walk.
    Morton's. Fancy Steak House. About 5 min walk.

    If your looking for something different or fancy you might be better to go somewhere downtown and catch a taxi over for the show (as the Silver Line will be packed if it's close to show time). If you don't know Boston don't bother driving around downtown as your bound to get lost or won't be able to get parked anywhere.

    1. Salvatore's, across the street from the Pavillion, has Italian, including pizza, which is good but not great. On the same street is Eastern Pier for waterfront Chinese. Next to that is Barking Crab, but the consensus here is that it should be avoided.

      1. barking crab is no favorite here and i hate ltk.

        sel de la terre isn't far; eastern pier for amer-chinese; chinatown and the north end, especially with a car, are both very close.

        i'll say it again: anthony's pier 4 for steamed lobster, great white burgundy and one of the city's best views. don't even think of ordering anything else, though.

        1. Whatever you do, don't take your car. You'll never get back in time for your show. The hotel you are staying in has two new interesting restaurants, and the nearby Seaport Hotel has a great bar with a scaled down menu. You don't have to dress for either. If you want something light, the ICA has an outdoor cafe with a great view. The food is museum food. I've had a few good times at LTK, have never been to Salvatores, but have been to the Yankee Lobster place. The food is very good, but it's really not the experience you'd want before a great show. Anthony's is fine, but might not fit your budget. If you can walk down to the courthouse, The Daily Catch has a great view, one of the best patios and decent food. Not everyone hates the Barking Crab, just don't plan on using the rest rooms.

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            Last time I was at the Daily Catch the owner yelled at my wife and stuck a fish in her face. Unbelievable. Then, the waiter upped the tip on the credit card receipt. It was totally unreal.

            1. re: promixcuous

              I think that needs expanding upon!

              1. re: jonship

                Yeah...were they re-creating a scene from Monty Python or something (with the fish). That's unacceptable. And the credit card thing, illegal. I hope you filed a complaint about that with the police; with credit card fraud being regarded as a widespread crime these days, I'd think that the authorities would take that sort of activity seriously.

                I've read nothing but bad things about the Courthouse location of Daily Catch, despite my own good experiences there in the past....I guess I'm in denial about it.

                1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

                  I was there last week for a private function for hotel concierges....which I'm not..:)

                  . While I've never been a fan of the place (love Hanover St), the view and setting are spectacular.

                  Getting to any food was difficult but I managed to have a very good stuffed clam and a very poor fish stick.

                  At the end of the function the owner made a short speech...and seemed to ackowledge they know they've had their problems at that location and would like to regain their clientele from the Northern Ave spot..and bring in new customers.

                  I hope they succeed.

                  Shame that the food doesn't match the location..and the NE branch is good as ever.

                2. re: jonship

                  Sometime or another I will. I'm actually rather uncomfortable speaking about it.

            2. Thank you for all of the advice. Sel de la terre looks awesome, but timing will be an issue. The show starts early, at 5pm with a great opening act, so we will likely eat closeby, unless we get into Boston early and checked in to the hotel early. The restaurant in the hotel, 606 Congress, does look interesting. I think we will try that or the Yankee lobster fish market.