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Jun 4, 2008 04:58 PM

Sorry Richard's Bistro... but you are off my list!

For years I have touted Richard's Bistro as Manchester NH's finest eatery. But that has changed, and I say that with a heavy heart, and a near empty stomach. (Well.... except for the bread... I did eat that because it is still the best bread basket in town)
Here is how this happened. I went about a month ago, and the food was still good, but the service was way off what is usually was. The server was rude and made a comment to me that I felt was very rude and embarrassing. I brushed it off and gave Richards another chance because it is after all my favorite restro!
Then, came my daughter’s birthday dinner. What a letdown! My stuffed lobster came and it was a shadow of its former self! There was very very little meat it in at all... no knuckle bits, not a claw to be seen and the tail meat was stringy and sparse... there was only 2 tiny shrimp and one scallop, and a TON and I mean TON of not even crushed crackers.. Almost whole crackers in the stuffing. And at $35 WITHOUT a side or salad I was peeved. Seems they dropped the price of the entrees by a couple bucks, and then dropped the usual salad that comes with it. (They did not inform me of this and I ended up paying an extra $8 for a salad.
Needless to say... Richards you are OFF my list. Sorry.

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  1. I haven't been yet, don't tell me this. :-(

    Have you tried the Granite in Concord, in the Centennial Inn? Only been once but sooo loved it. I'll have to get one of those goodeats coupon and go again sometime.

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    1. re: lexpatti

      Yes, and I am so glad I did on your recommendaion lex, I loved it! After reading your review of it I had to.

      But sadly yes, the last 4 or 5 times I have gone to Richards there has been a marked decline in quality. I hated to admit it to myself or others out of sheer denial that my favorite restaurant could slip so far so fast. To be honest I will only go back one more time, but at least it will not be on my dime, my mother asked to go there again soon (her treat). I know one thing, I won't be gettiing the stuffed lobster again..

      1. re: lexpatti

        The next time you're at Granite, try their Qcumber Martini. It makes me swoon.

      2. Remember Richard's restaurant in Salem NH in the 90s, unfortunately named Metastasis? That was go damn good. Great bread with infused butters, free apps or desserts on a whim, a very creative eclectic, ever-changing menu, and reasonable prices. Richard would be sitting near the kitchen looking like a homeless guy they pulled off the streets and slapped an apron on. Whatever happened to that guy?

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        1. re: Dinsdale45

          He is still there, still sitting by the kitchen. It is a shame he let the other chef take over the operation, in my opinion he is ruining that establishment by being a cheapskate.

          1. re: Dinsdale45

            Go back a little further when they were in Lawrence, Metamorphasis. He was young and hungry then, too bad it came to this.

          2. I don't go out often anymore, but Richard's would be THE PLACE. My last experience there a few weeks ago however, causes me to look for other choices. The food was good - but not excellent, and not worth the price anymore.

            1. I think you should email the new chef. I believe you can reach him through Richard's website- under 'Chef's Choice'. I know him professionally, and he really cares about the business. I'm betting he was off the night you went in- no excuse, but a chef should know when customers are unhappy.

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              1. re: edinaeats

                Being off means leaving out the lobster in a stuffed lobster? It was most like lobster shell stuffed with whole crackers for $35. No excuse for that.