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Jun 4, 2008 04:43 PM

Fresh Mangosteens

Never tried one and I'm dying to....anyone have any idea if they are available in either the high end stores (Balducci's, Dean and Delucca) or maybe in one of the grocery stores around Eden Center? Any help is much appreciated!

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  1. You can find freeze-dried mangosteens at Trader Joe's. I think they're really good and my 2.5 year old agrees!

    1. I saw them, fresh at the Asian Market on Old Ox Road/606 near Ashburn Brambleton area. I believe is was $7.99/lb.

      1. I haven't looked in the Vietnamese or Thai stores lately, but a friend of mine special ordered one recently through Balducci's.

        1. I'd be curious to hear opinions about fresh mangosteen from anyone who has tried them. I tried a few in Thailand and was disappointed. They're sweet and refreshing, but I didn't think they had a lot of flavor compared to most tropical fruits. I think there's a bit of mystique about them because of Queen Victoria's alleged comments, combined with their rare availability outside of the tropics.

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            What were Queen Vicky's comments?

          2. I see them all the time at eeMart on Backlick in springfield. They also had fresh rambutans and dragon fruit. All around 5 or 6 buck per lbs.

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            1. re: Soup

              i checked yesterday: the eeMart in falls church, didn't have any mangosteens, rambutans or dragon fruit.