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Jun 4, 2008 04:17 PM


Is there any hope for a decent meal anywhere in the area? We thought maybe having a coll ege would help the food wasteland that is some parts of MN. And I can complain because I was born and raised in MN.

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  1. I think your best bet is going to be Landmark Bistro. It is in the New Atlantic Hotel. With the Schwan's headquarters in Marshall, a lot of their execs dine here.

    1. Good to know there is a decent place in Marshall. Years ago, before Applebee's became the 'fine dining' destination in Marshall, and before Schwan's employees had to live in Marshall(many commuted from the TC, some by co. jet), a colleague and I arrived after 8 PM and asked for the 'best place in town'; we were directed to a bar that served burgers. Lotsa potential still in Marshall!