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Financial District for work party/dinner- HELP!

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I'm setting up a summer work party for ~75+ people. Has anyone had any positive experiences with restaurants in/very near the Financial District/ Waterfront? My prerequisites are that it is not in the North End, as Italian was done last year, it has the (private capacity) for at least a 75 person sit down dinner, and enough bar space for all of us to mingle. Food wise, it doesn't have to be "high-end" per se, but darn tasty food (not Asian though.) Since this is not "business" related (for once!), a nice atmosphere is a must! Any thoughts/suggestions would be great, as I'm running out of places we've had parties already!

Oh, and NO Vinalia ( had a meeting there, and I think the majority of us were gagging on our food.)

Thanks in advance!

Edit- I should have mentioned it doesn't have to be formal- my coworkers are formal at work, but LOVE their drinks outside of work!

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  1. Two possibilities for a more formal event:
    State Room