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Jun 4, 2008 03:07 PM

Boulder must tries?

My wife and I are on Boulder for a conference through Sunday June 8. Since we come from a culinarily deprived part of the country, what are some must tries for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner while we're in town?

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  1. I just moved to the area, but have already been trying some amazing things here. Are you looking for something high-end or more casual?

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    1. re: foodzie

      Something more casual for sure.

    2. try Happa Sushi on Pearl Street for lunch. The atmosphere is very casual and busy, but the food is excellent. Must order the Multiple Orgasm Roll... it is the best on the menu.

      1. Hi-- I'm a New Yorker and have spent the past 12 summers living in Boulder. Here's where I love to go: The Med (fabulous tapas and wines), Sunflower (organic and upscale--the organic salad bar is a fave), Sushi Tora (on the pricey side--what sushi restaurant isn't?--and well worth every dollar!), Dot's Diner for breakfast (no-frills local joint, yummy), Chautauqua Dining Hall (go for breakfast on the outside patio); go to Pearl Street and get coffee at the Boulder Bookstore Cafe---you can enjoy it sitting in their outdoor seating area with views of the Front Range. Skip the national ice-cream chain stores on Pearl St. and head straight for the Glacier ice-cream cart near the eastern end of the pedestrian mall---it's locally made and by far the best! Can you tell I'm an opinionated NYorker?! Have a wonderful time in beautiful Boulder--I'll be there in a couple weeks. Can't wait.

        1. I'd add try Pupusas in north Boulder for El Salvadorian food. Tahona Tequila Bistro on the west end of Pearl (not the walking portion) is good as well.

          1. Many Boulder restarants, including most on the Pearl Street Mall, offer great happy hour deals -- small plates for small prices, plus drink specials (usually wine, beer, well drinks). Most happy hours run between 5 and 7; some are only Mon thru Thurs. Food is inexpensive and well priced.

            On Pearl just west of the mall, Centro has a truly terrific patio and Mexican-ish, SW-ish food. Unless you favor really mediocre Italian food, don't be fooled by the line that always builds at Pasta Jay's across the street. I've been here for nearly 20 yrs and still can't fathom its appeal. West End Tavern, a few doors to the west, serves slightly yuppified American comfort food; great views from the rooftop deck. The Rio Grande (11th and Walnut) serves killer margaritas and also has a big rooftop deck.

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              Nice job on the Pasta Jay's warning. I'm completely baffled by the continued crowd of people who will line up for cardboard pasta and sauce from a jar. But, there is the balancing similar book-end on the other end of Pearl - the Cheesesteak Factory.

              A breakfast at Lucile's should be on the list as well as a visit to Aji. Sitting outside at the Corner Bar at the Boulderado is my favorite downtown pub. I also really like the Hungry Toad on Broadway and North St.

              1. re: wagger

                Ditto the Pasta Jay non-rec. The only thing I've ever gotten at PJ was intestinal complaint. I'm not trying to be unfair- I know I'm not the only one who's had this response- a friend actually has a name for this, but it's not CH safe.

                My favortite breakfast in Boulder is at The Kitchen.