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Jun 4, 2008 02:35 PM

bistro menu in bay area

Just came back from Portland, had a wonderful dinner at Higgins. We chose to sit in the more casual dining room for the bistro menu which basically offers almost all the same items but with reduced prices. That was a pleasant surprise to us, therefor I tried to think of this kind of offering in the bay area. I don't think I can come up with any. The only thing close to a bistro menu is a bar menu or happy hour menu, but often times it means sit at the counter. Does any one know of any?

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  1. Looking at Higgins' Web site, the dishes that appear on both menus mostly cost the same. The main difference is that the "bistro" has sandwiches instead of entrees.

    I can't think of anyplace here that has separate dining rooms with upscale and downscale menus. La Table on Sacramento St. did that for a while but it closed.

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        Not much overlap in the menus upstairs and downstairs at Oliveto.

        Or at Chez Panisse.

      2. re: Robert Lauriston

        Coi. Dinner and lounge are very different menus, though. You can get out of the lounge for about 1/5 the dinner cost. Not exactly a bistro feel.

        373 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133