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Jun 4, 2008 02:34 PM

Lunch at FARMbloomington (IN)

I've been reading about FARMbloomington and finally had the chance to try it today for lunch.

I like it!

I had the roasted tomato veloute - I wasn't expecting it to be cold, so I was pleasantly surprised. Rich, thick and very good with sliced red onions and basil shreds on the top. I didn't try the onions - call me chicken! - because I had a long car ride in front of me.

Mr CF had the roasted root vegetable soup - he also liked it and since he's on a veggie kick right now, it was really what he was looking for.

He also had the BLT sandwich, a big success with thick slices of bacon, avocado slices, goat cheese (surprise), and of course tomatoes and lettuce.

I had the 'Under the Tuscan Sun' salad - mixed greens with roasted vegetables, mint pesto, Kalamata olives and blue cheese. There was also a light dressing.

We both enjoyed the fries with parmesan cheese, chili flakes, parsley and to our surprise lemon. Served with what we think was a curry mayonnaise. Yowza!

Another winner in Bloomington!

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  1. I had a really delicious lunch/brunch there a while back, and really liked it. I think the menu looks overpriced for dinner, though.

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      I have had some wonderful dinners there -- and well worth the money. There is also a reasonable bar menu that you can make a meal out of.

      1. re: myplateoryours

        Good to know - thanks for the tip! I'll put it back on the list.