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Jun 4, 2008 02:18 PM

Best Koreatown restaurant or other nearby- Madison SG restaurant

My brother's graduation ceremony is in MAdison Square Garden. We have a party of 12 people and want to do dinner nearby afterwards - during the week. I heard that Koreatown has the best restaurants in the area from searching this board. Which one would you suggest? Or if there are other good restaurants in the area, not Korean, please let me know. Thanks.

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  1. Do you guys have a budget? If you don't want to do Korean, there's Artisanal on 32nd and Park Ave. South. You also have Keen's as well for steak, but it's significantly more expensive than the K-town joints.

    If you are set on Korean, I would do Madangsui if you want Korean BBQ. If not, you've got Kun Jip for overall Korean. And if you're looking for more of a celebratory atmosphere, Kum Gang San would probably fit the bill. It's not the best Korean restaurant by any means, but I like their banchan and would probably be more special occasion like. You'll probably see a lot of great posts for Gam Mi Ok. I would definitely NOT do this for your occasion. Menu is very limited.

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        Thanks. I made reservations at Madangsui. Looking forward to it!

      2. HangGang is nice and clean
        Han Gang, 34 W 32nd St (between 5th and 6th Ave)

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          hang gang is not that good from my experience although the interior is probably nicer than 80% of most korean restaurants

        2. So, we went to Madangsui for the occasion. I thought the food was really good, especially the rice with seafood and the beef barbeque. We had mixed feelings about the place as a group though. The service was really bad - the waiters were more like fast-food workers - just there basically to clear stuff from table with sullen looks. We had 4 seniors in our group - my parents an aunt and an uncle - who were sort of shocked at the way hot tea they requested was slammed down in regular glasses. They are definitely not used to this service at a restaurant, so I kept apologizing (while stuffing my face). I would not do this again for a graduation event - too downscale, but really enjoyed the food.

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            Glad that you enjoyed the food. Not sure if you are aware but the service in most Korean restaurants tends to be kind of brusque. To some, it may appear rude. But that's just the way it is. It's all about efficiency. Actually, I thought the Madangsui servers were a lot more friendly than some of the other K-town restaurants. And hot tea is always served in hot glasses at Korean restaurants.They don't have tea cups with little handles or mugs.

            I probably wouldn't have picked Madangsui for a graduation event. That's why I included Kum Gang San as a rec. I think it probably would have been more appropriate. But even at Kum Gang San, the seniors would have received their hot tea in regular glasses.

            The BBQ at Madangsui is so much better than Kum Gang San. At least you guys ate well. : )

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              yeah agree with miss needle on the service issue (i think thats true of almost every asian culture ex-japan)

              glad u liked the food at least