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Jun 4, 2008 02:15 PM

Suggestions for dinner in Hampton NH or Salisbury Ma area

Looking for recommendation for casual dining in Hampton/Salisbury area. A pre-teen, teenager, and adults in our party of 6. Kids don't like anything too exotic, no sushi, but they do like Italian, tapas, etc. We'll be casually dressed from day at beach, but would still like place with great food -- any suggestions would be appreciated. None of us are familiar with any dining spots in that area. Thanks!

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  1. Gee, you have me thinking about all the flavors from that area that I can't get in WA state. A great steak and cheese sub from Papa Gino's, black raspberry ice cream from Friendly's, awesome Chinese from Tiki Lau II, curly fries from Skip's, and the best pizza I've ever had, Tripoli's. (We're able to get the pizza shipped at least.)

    I haven't lived in that area in a few years but here's a couple of our favorites. For sit-down inside, in Salisbury, The Hungry Traveler or Sailor Bills. In Seabrook, Master McGrath's, in Hampton, The Galley Hatch. There are also tons of "outdoor" eating places with fantastic local seafood.

    Boy, I miss that area so much.

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      My fav in Hampton beach is Ocean Wok. Its across the street from the entrance to Hampton beach State park. Its awsome. Kids will love the juicy chicken wings.

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        Tried Ocean Wok last night for the first time and thought it was great. Best Egg Foo Young I've had in a long tie.

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        I definitely second Hungry Traveler on 110 in salisbury - never had a bad meal there - really quick service and huge portions !

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          Sailor Bills has been gone for 10 or 15 years. Tiki Lau II went about 8 years ago. The others are still open. McIntyres in Rowley is now a bank.

        2. Galley Hatch on rt1 in Hampton or Wida Fletchers also on rt1. Rinaldo's in Hampton Beach, fair Italian.

          1. Coming out of Hampton Beach down the main drag, heading into Seabrook, you'll hook a right and have a choice between Brown's and Marky's. They are fried fish heaven and you can get lobsters, as well. I don't think there's any difference between the two places except they are on different sides of the street but they both do fried seafood very well. You can sit outside, too. Very casual, very family-oriented.

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              Markey's is Beer/Wine only and Brown's is BYO. the food is pretty much solid at both.

            2. If wanting a little more than pizza or sandwhiches, try the "Old Salt"
              The prices are a little higher but the food is wonderful, they have a children's menu, and they have a great Sunday brunch.

              1. Marky's is always great. as is Petey's. I find them both to serve fresh fish and lobsters in a clean environment.Stay away from the Galley Hatch. Its gone way downhill the last couple years since the son took over. Dad used to do it right, now its mainly frozen "portion control" entrees.