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Jun 4, 2008 02:14 PM

Local foodie destinations on a bike (motorcycle, that is!)

So, my new-ish +1 has a motorcycle, and the foodie road trip post (plus many recent conversations) got me thinking - where would be a great nearby place to head to on the bike and find great food/drinks - ideal place would be nestled in nice countryside, down some windy roads, but could be anything from a side of the road BBQ to a destination resturant (though it would have to be ok for me to not wear a dress - a little sandelous on the motorcycle!) We were thinking about Virginia wine country... other ideas?

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  1. Each week, the Sunday Source has a suggested road trip, complete with stops along the way and destinations. Those may be worth looking at:

    1. One possibility is The Rail Stop in The Plains, VA ( The food is very nice and the atmosphere is great (and casual). The Plains is a really pretty little town, kind of horsey. There are several vineyards nearby that you could visit before/after -- Piedmont, Winery at La Grange, Pearmund Cellars are closest. A bit farther away -- and on more pretty roads -- are Barrel Oak, Three Fox, Vintage Ridge, Miracle Valley. My choices might be La Grange before lunch, lunch in The Plains, then Barrel Oak (in Delaplane) afterward. (Both these wineries are open on weekdays; some of the others are not. You'd want to check their web sites if you're going on a weekday.)

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        Another fun destination is Hunter's Head Tavern in Upperville, VA -- out Rt. 50 past Middleburg. It's a British-style pub -- also a really fun atmosphere (and casual). It's a nice ride from there to some of the farther-out wineries that I mentioned above. However, Rt. 50 is a bit busy and built-up for country riding pleasure, I'd think. I expect there are alternatives.