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Jun 4, 2008 01:57 PM

Best thin crust pizza in SF?

I'm a HUGE fan of Pizzaiolo in Oakland. Is there anything remotely comparable in San Francisco?

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  1. Lots of people have other definitions for what makes the best thin-crust pizza, but A16 has a wood-burning pizza oven and the pizza's closer in style to Pizzaiolo's than anyone else's around here.

    1. I was disappointed with the pizza the one time I went to A16. I ordered the mushroom and it was so loaded with stemmy mushrooms and the pizza was soaked with moisture. However, I could see that it could be good.

      I found the pizza at Pizzeria Delfina to be good, but they don't have a wood-burning oven.

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      1. re: Scott M

        In my experience, Pizzaiolo has exactly the same weakness, the crust sometimes gets a bit soggy when they load up the pie. But they're still delicious, and it's easy to get a crisp pie if you avoid the loaded-up specials.

        Pizzeria Delfina's pizza is much closer in style to Dopo's.

        I like them all, but I'm broadminded about pizza.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          I agree that Pizzeria Delfina is closer to Dopo in style.

          I have had Pizzaiolo get a little soggy but nothing like the mess I had at A16. A16 put a lot of chiodini mushrooms on the funghi pizza and it was rather oil laden. The stemmy quality of the chiodini mushroom combined with the high oil content they added to the toppings really ruined the pizza for me. Again, I need to go back and try a different pizza.

      2. I've tried all the "best" pizzerias in the Bay Area and have found Pizzeria Picco in Larkspur to be the best (when considering the dough, the quality of the toppings and the fact they have a wood burning oven). It's about 10 miles north of the GGB.

        1. You may also want to try Zuni in SF as they, like A16 and Pizzaiolo, have a wood oven. Note that Zuni has pizza on the menu for lunch only.

          In SF, you may also like A16, Delfina Pizzeria, Pizzetta 211, Piccino and Gialina.

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          1. re: farmersdaughter

            deb and i were having lunch at zuni two weeks ago. the server mistakenly brought a pizza to the table next to us. it sure looked good. i may have to order one next time i'm there.

            anybody have first-hand experience with the zuni pizza?

            1. re: farmersdaughter

              Tommaso's, Zuni, Rose Pistola, and Lulu have wood ovens, and they all make good pizza, but to me their style's not that much like Pizzaiolo's.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                Thanks for all the responses. It sounds like I need to try Delfina. I've heard Tommaso's is good too...but I really do like Pizzaiolo and want to find it's SF counterpart.

                1. re: gidget1234

                  What about Little Star for thin crust?

                  1. re: gidget1234

                    I like Mescolanza at Clement & 23rd. They also make a great Caesar Salad.

                    1. re: gidget1234

                      I wouldn't order Little Star's thin crust again. Not bad if it were your neighborhood pizza place but nothing like Pizzaiolo's in style or quality.

              2. I gotta toss Pazzia into the mix...even though they don't have a wood burning oven, there's something about their Margherita...