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Jun 4, 2008 01:43 PM

Local Culinary Road Trip

I need to get out of town (DC) for a weekend and I'd like to do a local food-centered road trip. As much as I would love to make the pilgrimage to Inn at Little Washington, I just don't have the funds.

That said, what are some of your favorite places to drive to for food / wine / general culinary activities? Any ideas are welcome.


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  1. Charlottesville has some neat wineries and there was a recent write up in the WaPo about places to eat there. I have had hit and miss going out experiences down there, but I haven't been to many places on the list.

    Richmond is also fun and has some neat different places.

    1. For a smaller-town experience, I love Shepherdstown. The Yellow Brick Bank is an old regional favorite (said to be Nancy Reagan's favorite), but across the street, Stone Soup Bistro is one of my all-time favorite recipes. It's the only place where I've ever seen my beef-loving husband stealing tofu off my plate. They do amazing things there. If you go, considering sitting at the bar, where the co-owner acts as bartender and makes for great company.

      For a few more options, Berkeley Springs has a lot of choices.

      1. PA Dutch Country. You haven't been to a farmer's market until you've been to one there.

        Are the Finger Lakes too far? We spent a lovely long weekend there recently. The Rieslings were great!

        What about Pittsburgh for the Dirty O and Primanti's?

        Philly for cheesesteaks, roast pork, pretzels, Vetri, etc.?

        1. I like the ideas for C-Ville and Philly. There are enough for a good weekend down Solomon's Island way.

          1. St. Michael's and Easton on the Eastern Shore would be other good choices that have nice restaurants, are relaxing and have other fun things to do in between eating, and the scenery isn't bad either.