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Jun 4, 2008 01:38 PM

Six Dollars CAN Buy Happiness: Tale of the Cuban Sandwich Truck

Today I made it over to the Goza Goza Cuban sandwich truck which, as Dave MP noted, has moved to 25th and Harrison. The menu included standard Mexican truck fare: tacos and burritos (regular and super), a quesadilla, and, listed under "specials," the long-discussed cuban sandwich.

Around noon the truck was crowded; it sits right in front of a little park, and about 10 people waited impatiently for their tacos and quesadillas. I was the only one of the crowd who had ordered the sandwich.

One man works in the truck, tinkering around in front of his sizzling grill, pressing down on soft, over-full burritos and slicing up bright green avocados. "GOD. I want this in my HOUSE," said a little girl waiting behind me in line. Don't we all?

"You want that extra grilled?" the cook/owner asked.
"YES," I insisted.

And for only $6, this was some lunch: both pork and ham in a lovely grilled bun. Nicely layered flavor, perfect amount of mustard. If anything, I'd want a bit more pickle next time.

Other things I've tried and loved this month:
-At Avedano's the meatloaf sandwich is freaking delicious. I desired/feared a comparison to New England meatball grinders, so big and fatty you nearly apologize to your yet-unborn children for your shortened life span ("Why, sorry, Larry. I didn't intend to die of a heart attack at age 52, but there were these amazing meatball grinders...") This version was a bit Californified, in a good way--better quality meat and cheese, in a reasonable portion, and grilled to perfection. I could have used a bit more sauce and may ask for some on the side next time. Recently they began carrying meats from Five Dot Ranch (in addition to the Strawberry Mountain meats they already carried). Delicious, local, sustainably and humanely raised: this is definitely a cause I can chew on.

-Chilaquiles at Pastores. I've said it before, I'll say it again: AMAZINGLY GOOD. I think it's the tomatillo salsa, and the fact (that someone else noted here) that they don't drown the fried tortillas--some are soaked in salsa, others are still dry and crunchy. Only disappointment was that I shared a mole chicken with my friend, and that was definitely of poor quality--sad, tired, overbeaten chicken in an otherwise delicious sauce. Great beans and rice. The problem with irregular hours remains; it's good to have a back-up plan if you intend to drop by.

Five Dot:

235 Cortland Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110

Pastores Restaurant
3486 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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  1. Great post! I want to go back to Goza Goza soon to try one that isn't missing ham.

    1. pic of the truck--"Goza Goza Taco: Fresh & Delightful!"

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      1. re: pane

        Is the truck there on the weekends too? I love me some cubano. Hold the mustards, though. That's just weird. Don't remember any cubanos with mustard back in my Miami daze.

      2. I went looking for the truck (a bit before 2pm) drove around the entire block of the park and could not find it. Any idea if time was wrong, or day or location? Do they have a phone number, does anyone know?

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        1. re: walker

          Not sure why it wasn't's normally at the northeast corner of the park, corner of Harrison and 25th.

          I went again on Friday, and got a sandwich with everything (they hadn't run out of ham this time). The sandwich was very good, though this time the pork was a bit drier than I would have liked. Still a good deal for 6 dollars - and delicious.

          I unfortunately don't have a phone number, but I'll try to get one the next time I'm there.

          1. re: walker

            Your mystery is solved. They are not there on Mondays. I went today, and they say they're there Tuesday through Sunday, 10-5.

            I had a cuban sandwich. It was good and I would probably order it again, but I would definitely ask for more pickles next time, as pane said. And as Dave MP says, the pork was too dry, which makes for not a lot of flavor in certain parts.

            1. re: Atomica

              Thank you so much for finding this out for me!