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Help for the dietarily restricted please!

My family is planning on taking me out to dinner in the city for my birthday in a couple of weeks. I am definitely excited but the only problem is that I am currently on a sugar-detox diet for health reasons. This means no sugar, no carbs, no fruit, etc. I would greatly appreciate any restaurant suggestions where I could possibly find something tasty to eat and not break my diet. Anywhere in Manhattan is fine. Moderate prices would be preferred as well as somewhere fun with a good atmosphere for the special occasion. Thanks in advance!!!

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    1. Hi Check out the menu at Caravan of Dreams it is on E 6th St.


      As a devoted carnivore and tofu hater, I can tell you the the vegan food at this place is nothing short of miraculous. The only problem with this place is after you eat here, you will find it hard to eat vegetarian anywhere else. You will certainly be able to stick to your diet with some of the cleanest, freshest veg food in Manhattan. Plus they have something for everyone, except meat of course. Great tea menu, they do serve alcohol, great raw and non raw desserts and smoothies. Check it out. Good Luck!

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        I adore Caravan, just wasn't sure if the atmosphere was nice enough - but it is cozy and eclectic. I adore their house salad, pesto noodles, and Santa Maria Stirfry (I ALWAYS get this). They also have good sangria, for the rest of your party.

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          True, it is definitely chill, but if you only had one night of vegan food in New York...you know where you would be going! ;)

          I would take it any day over Angelica's Kitchen. Candle 79 is very nice though and definitely more upscale, also it is uptown, possibly more convenient.

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          Veggies=carbs. Looks like it's steak, pork or chix for dinner.

        3. True, but often their are a lot f hidden sugars in more traditional restaurants, in things like sauces and marinades and places you wouldn't expect. If you go to a place like Pure food and Wine, which is GREAT, you know they don't add any refined sugars to anything they cook

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            The problem with OP's request is that she's on a sugar restriction diet. Even though Pure Food and Wine may not add refined sugars, she's not allowed to have unrefined sugars as well.

          2. Hi Folks--please keep your suggestions focused on particular Manhattan restaurants rather than dispensing general dietary advice. Thanks!

            1. Finding a sugar-free restaurant is not very easy. There's a lot of hidden sugars around. You need plain food. I think the best option for you may be either a steakhouse (no sauce) with steamed asparagus, or a Greek restaurant where you can order some simple grilled fish with lemon or Japanese where you can have some sashimi. Perhaps a place like Blue Water Grill would be good for you and your family. They have a selection of seafood where they simply grill it with some lemon and olive oil. And there are plenty of other things where your family can choose from.

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                Or Aquagrill. Same type of menu as Blue Water but IMO the food is better.

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                  Good call on Aquagrill. Forgot about that. Yeah, I would do Aquagrill over Blue Water. Atmosphere at Blue Water may be more grand but the food at Aquagrill is better. And I like the atmosphere at Aquagrill -- just a bit more casual.

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                    Along those lines, I feel like Atlantic Grill would fit the bill http://menupages.com/restaurantdetail...

              2. Thanks so much for the help! I have reservations at Aquagrill but am still open to more ideas!

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                  I am an "Atkins lifer," so I totally understand the difficulty in finding things that are truly carb free. When I go out for a find dining experience in NYC, I usually throw caution to the wind and return to my sugar and carb free lifestyle the next day. However, if you definitely want to stay away from sugar, there are plenty of places to get tasty food! Some of these may not fit the "moderate price" restriction, but that really depends on what moderate means to you.

                  First off: steakhouses. There are SO many good ones - Keens, Peter Luger, Striphouse, etc. Just make sure that any sauces are served on the side, and get shrimp cocktail or a small caesar salad as a side dish (just ask to make sure their dressing is sugar free). In the same vein, you could try out a true meat-eater's paradise - Churrascaria Plataforma. It's an all-you-can-eat festival of grilled meat on swords, perfect for carnivores and omnivores alike. I think the prix-fixe is now $60 per person, and that gets you unlimited meat (sliced fresh for you!) and buffet access - the buffet has tons of seafood and vegetable options on it, as well as some prepared foods that your carb-loving family will appreciate. Drinks and desserts are extra. Plataforma (and another place like it in Queens) are among my favorite places to go for celebrations when I really want a fun time and good food, and I don't want to have to worry about sugar or carbs. Really fun with a big group especially! There are several other churrascarias in Manhattan, but from what I've experienced, Plataforma (midtown location) is the best one.

                  Blue Water and Aquagrill are both excellent recommendations. Blue Water used to have a "carb-free sushi" that was wrapped in cucumber - I don't know if they still offer it but it was wonderful. Another place you might consider is Abboccato, an upscale Italian place on 55th btw 6th and 7th. The last time I was there, they had a section of their menu called "Simply Grilled," which offered several different types of grilled meat and seafood, served with sauteed spinach or other simply prepared vegetables. They also had a lovely mozzarella cheese appetizer that was carb free, and a cheese course for dessert.

                  For a "NYC" experience, you could also hit a deli, order a pastrami sandwich and just skip the bread. I work near the carnegie deli so I order their pastrami for lunch quite frequently - it's quite good, although I prefer Katz's. Obviously these places have their own unique atmosphere, which you may or may not find suitable for your celebration (Carnegie Deli and Stage Deli are also quite touristy, but there are plenty of others that are less so). Lots of meat to be had, though - and pickles are low carb too!

                  Hope that helps! I know lots of other great places in Manhattan where you can get a good LC meal, but they're mostly casual, without the special atmosphere you're looking for.