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Jun 4, 2008 01:18 PM

Rice cooker: avoiding crust

I always get a crust on the bottom when using my rice cooker, whether it's brown, jasmine, or sweet rice.. For the most part I don't mind, but there are times when it would be preferable not to have one.

I use a Zojirushi (sp?) basic model, with a flip switch (warm/cook).

Any tips? TIA.

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  1. I just bought a new rice cooker and am having the same problem!

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    1. re: Finsmom

      Well could y'all just send that crust my way- can't get one if I try. Course mine is a really old Zojirushi with early fuzzy logic I think.I only get a hint of crust if I do coconut rice and I attribute that to the oil in the coconut milk.

      1. re: torty

        I was gonna say... carmelized crust is a problem!?

        Try this recipe:

        Quote from the blog:
        "The rice at the bottom of the pot will form a delicious golden crust, crunchy and flavored with saffron. This is the part Persians all desire, the gratin, the duck skin, the crust on a leg of lamb. They call it tah-dig. "

    2. Are you letting the rice rest a bit after it switches to 'warm'? Give it about 15 minutes to allow the crusty bits to rehydrate and soften. Alternately, you can learn to love the 'koge' (ko-geh, Japanese for 'burnt') kids fight over it, but unfortunately, our rice cooker doesn't burn it enough, so I make rice on the stovetop.

      1. Mmmmm...that's my favorite part!

        1. Not enough water?

          Sanyo makes a couple of rice cookers that have a crusty rice mode now (dol sot bi bim bap).

          1. Are you washing your rice enough? For some rices, the coating that they're mixed with is an edible cereal coating; if you've accidentally left some of it on the rice, I think some of it may sort of rinse off during cooking, settle on the hot bottom of the bowl, and cook on. (This is a completely unscientific and uninformed diagnosis, I've just noticed that certain rices that are very hard to rinse totally clear also happen to be more prone to browning on the bottom of the cooker)