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Jun 4, 2008 01:17 PM

Where the best place for dumplings in Chinatown?

Looking for the best place for soup dumplings, fried dumplings and wonton in Chinatown. A good place for jellyfish would be great too.

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  1. Soup Dumplings: Shanghai Cafe at 100 Mott Street.
    Pan Fried Dumplings: Prosperity at 46 Eldridge Street

    Wonton as in wonton soup? New Chao Chao at 111 Mott Street is my favorite.

    Haven't had Jellyfish in a long while but the last time I did it was at the Shanghai Cafe.

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    1. re: scoopG

      Just came home from trying the dumplings at each place and they were wonderful!

      1. re: scoopG

        i like new chao chow's wonton noodle soup, but i think the best wonton noodle soup is at ny noodletown, very much reminds me of the wonton noodle soup u get i hk (not as good, but still very good)....i went to alot of places for a while trying to find a good wonton noodle soup (i got a huge craving after i went back to hk) and i think ny noodletown is the best and most consistent i could find

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. You probably saw the revived similar thread from earlier this year and the food fight that the subject causes. I'll second Prosperity Dumplings for pan friend dumplings.

          1. I have had soup dumplings from them all, and nothing touches Joe's Shanghai- simple as that. New Green Bo makes excellent fried pork dumplings.


              1. re: nokitsch

                Goodies was my personal favorite soup dumpling spot until they closed about 4-5 weeks ago! Now it is a Fuzhou Restaurant which I stopped in one day to check out...