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Jun 4, 2008 01:14 PM

After business dinner in Toronto next week

I will be in Toronto next week and need rec's for a restaurant for dinner. I will be with a colleague and it will be after all day meetings. Preferably something that's appropriate for business-casual dress. All food types welcome, price not really a problem.

We're staying at Four Seasons so something in the Bloor to Wellesley, Yonge to Avenue Road area is need. We will be having breakfast at the hotel the next morning.


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  1. You are well situated to try many wonderful places to eat...Pangea ( excellent food... award winning pastry Chef) on Bay St just North of Bloor....Opus Excellent food ..stellar wine cellar) on Prince Arthur...just North of Bloor off of University Ave...Carens( bit more casual cheese fondue and other yummies ..great private back patio) on Cuimberland...the Four Seasons is on the corner of Cumberland...and Host ( wonderful East Indian food) also on Prince Arthur....Miranda

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      Mistura is another option. They have a website to check out the menu. Highly recommend it.

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        I'll also throw out Boba as an under-recommended spot. Beautiful patio, too, in nice weather (despite being right on Avenue Rd.).

      2. L'Unita is nice and casual.

        I second the rec for Pangaea. Lovely space at night.

        1. It's been a while since I've lived in Toronto but I do remember Pangea and Mistura.

          Many thanks!

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            I know, to each his own....but I had one of the worst food experiences EVER at Pangea. To steal a line I once read on this board about another restaurant - I've been twice, first and LAST.