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Jun 4, 2008 12:31 PM

Upscale on Orlando's Outskirts

What's your very favorite restaurant--moderate to fine dining--in the Oviedo/Winter Springs/Casselberry part of town?

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  1. I don't live up there, but we eat up there sometimes. I don't think we have tried the fine dining places up there, although I hear Enzo's on the Lake is nice, and good (Longwood maybe?). We have also been wanting to try Steak in the City in Altamonte. It gets good reviews.

    Otherwise in that area, we like Stefano's for Italian, Cypriana for Greek, and Kobe Steakhouse.

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      Enzo's on the Lake is nice. A little pricey, and I wish their menu had more selections, but it is very romantic and great for special occasions. My girlfriend and I have gone there for the last two Valentine's Days (which may be why they had a limited menu when we were there).

      Steak in the City closed one day about three months ago, and vanished without a trace. I liked it a lot, but they really screwed my best friend over, since he had booked his wedding rehearsal dinner there months in advance, and they never warned him they were closing or refunded his deposit. (He eventually got it back thanks to his credit card company, but that's still shady business.)

      For Greek, I absolutely love Greek Flame Taverna on 436 and Howell Branch, on the Casselberry/Winter Park border. I went to Cypriana once but wasn't terribly impressed by the food or service.

      I'm also a big fan of Habana Grill in Altamonte Springs for excellent, authentic Cuban food. And Straub's in Altamonte has good seafood in an area not known for seafood, with some top-notch early bird specials.

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        Ugh! I'm so tired of good restaurants in Orlando closing, and yet Seasons 52 manages to hang around!

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            It's tough, I went tonight to the Chef's Table at Edgewate Hotel in Winter Garden, They are very slow on weekdays. The place couldn't be much better for an upscale dining experience. Great food, atmosphere and service. A fixed three course meal for 46.99. Had the Foie Gras Creme brulee, duck with risotto, and the berries saute. absolutely fabulous preparation and quality. But they aren't going to make it on 4 people a night on week nights. A shame that great places aren't supported more....

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              I know Seasons 52 is a favorite on this message board (despite all the vitriol that other chains get), but I went once and wasn't impressed at all. Limited selections, miniscule portions, bland and flavorless food, and quite expensive. Maybe people like the pretty decor or attractive plating, but other than that, I can't figure out what all the hype is about. I'd rather eat at Houston's, P.F. Chang's, or Cheesecake Factory any day, if I was going to a higher-end chain.

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                Thanks for all this, guys. I adore Enzo's, and enjoyed the Chef's Table at the Edgewater Hotel very much too. I've never tried Greek Flame Taverna. Is it worth a 45-minute drive?

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                  I really love Greek food, and since I moved to this area, I've tried Athens Cafe (Red Bug and Tuskawilla), Cypriana (Semoran and... something), and Greek Flame (Semoran and Howell Branch), and Greek Flame is far and away my favorite. I wouldn't even call it super-upscale, but if you go with a good-sized party and order wine and a few different dishes to try, you can run up a nice little bill, and everything will be delicious. And if you just want something light and cheap, it's perfect for that too.

                  I also hear Mykonos in Longwood is excellent, but I haven't been there yet. I feel pretty loyal to Greek Flame -- it's definitely one of my favorite restaurants in all of Orlando.

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                    Mykonos in Longwood really is excellent - have eaten there several times (though not recently) and have never been disappointed. Grew up in the Detroit area and miss Greektown but Mykonos is a superior substitute.

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                    Glad you tried the Chef's Table, Kevin, the owner, is from Baton Rouge, so I'm looking forward to them getting some Cajun food on the menu.

          2. Paris Bistro on Aloma. Just steps from Casselberry. Regular dining is great as are their wine dinners which I've posted on.



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              I'm a big fan of Paris Bistro, even with the new owners. In fact, I featured it on my TV show, On the Town, which is on Bright House Digital Cable Channel 300. You are so on the right track helping me. I just need a place I haven't tried yet!

            2. I haven't been to this place yet, but it's called Hollywood Cafe. It's in the Winter Springs Village at 434 and Tuscawilla Rd. My aunt was here a few months ago and went there with some in-town friends and really enjoyed it. The menu looks interesting and eclectic. Maybe worth a try? Has anybody else been there?

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                Now THIS looks interesting. How can I never have heard of it? Huge thanks!

                1. re: rudykins

                  Wow, yeah that looks like my kind of place! I wonder if I can get the chocolate gooey dessert with breakfast . . . hmm.