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Based on board recommendations......

We'll be in NO July 17-23rd for a convention and this is what we have planned so far based on all the recommendations on this board. Appreciate the help!

Thursday when we arrive:
Cafe du Monde
Acme Oyster House

Lunch at Galatoires
Dinner at Stella

No plans yet

Brunch at Commander's Palace

Dinner at Cuvee

Lunch at Cochon

Willie Mae's Fried Chicken

Any other MUST eat, see, do things while we're there. We haven't been in 6+ years and I know alot has changed since then. Thanks again.

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  1. you have a great start.
    for any lunch openings, I would try Li'l Dizzy's on Poydras St (Trout Baquet is to die for), J'anita's (great BBQ, fish and hamburgers), or St. James Cheese Co. (amazing selection of cheeses, charcuteries, salads, sandwiches) w/BYOB from next door's Wine Seller.
    for any dinner openings, try to get into:
    Iris (duck confit, scallops, mussels, veal cheek ravioli, skate wing)
    Patois (sweetbreads, pork belly, moules frites, duck confit salad, rabbit and andouille gumbo, paneed rabbit)
    Clancy's (oysters w/brie, sweetbreads, smoked soft shell crabs and frozen brandy alexanders)
    Brigtsen's (everything, anything)
    Martinique (crab salad,grilled eggplant app, duck breast w/confit leg)
    Cafe Minh (all apps, bouillabaisse, braised short ribs, lacquered duck).

    for fun, go on a Fr. Qtr. buggy ride with your favorite beverage from Vieux Carre' Wine & Spirits (next to K Paul's) if inclined to imbibe. then go get your Cafe du Monde. not to miss cocktails at Carousel Bar at the Monteleone, Lafitte's Blacksmith, Old Absinthe House, Napoleon House (all in the Fr. Qtr.) or take the streetcar to the Columns Hotel for happy hour on the veranda. Club 528 at Harrah's Hotel has great music; go see Leah Chase and John Boutte if performing. Rebirth Brass Band is at Maple Leaf on Tuesday nights. the ferry ride across the Mississippi and back at sunset offers great views.

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      Edible has many great suggestions. There is only one issue. I had heard many good things about J'anitia's so I went. If you go, just be prepared for no AC, doors open, things flying around, and it's not very clean. If you can get over the cleanliness and flies the sandwich is good.

      1. re: anteeks

        from: http://janitas.com/blog/
        Summer Hours
        Beginning June 1st we will be reducing our hours of operation to 5 days a week. This is the time of year when alot of people are out of town, businesses get slower, heck the whole pace of life gets slower. So after June, please come in, sit in the air conditioning and enjoy a cold one and a dang good meal.
        (that’s, thurs,fri,sat,sun,mon

    2. I'd skip Friday at Galatoire and opt for a long saturday lunch...Friday is just too damn loud. It has become something of a parody of itself. Stick your head in that afternoon just to see if you like but you'll enjoy yourself much more on another afternoon, I warrant.

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      1. re: hazelhurst

        unless you are at upstairs w/ a reservation at Gal's, and then can pop downstairs.
        in July, Fridays might not be such a zoo downstairs; but be prepared to line up early in the hot July sun if you want to partake downstairs. the sun won't clock over until dinnertime. if you are in line, keep hydrated!

        1. re: edible complex

          Thank you both so much....I'm printing off your recommendations to take with me, edible complex. I guess if Gal's is too crazy, we won't have a hard time finding great food close by!

      2. Thanks ediblecomplex! I'm printing off your recommendations to take with me. Thank you hazelhurst for the warning. If it's too crazy, I'm sure it won't be hard to find great food close by!

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          w/in walking distance is Mr. B's, Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse, GW Fins, Redfish Grill, Bourbon House, Bayona, Muriel's, Cafe Amelie, Bistro Maison de Ville...call first to see who is open for lunch, as it is July.
          But I go to Gal's and enjoy!
          And if the lights flicker, it's just the streetcars on Canal St. zapping some juice.
          Thanks for coming and supporting our beloved city.

          1. re: edible complex

            OP's list looks good. I will quickly second both Bayona and G W Fins. Both offer really good food, in totally different settings. Still, it's about the food, after all.

            I'm less a fan of Dickie B's, but that has been hashed around enough. Same for Muriel's, but others love it, and many reviews praise it.

            Bistro Maison de Ville has been on our list, but we missed it, even while staying at the Audubon Cottages (part of Maison de Ville). I will rectify that omission next trip.

            Good calls, EC,


            1. re: Bill Hunt

              I've only had one really bad out of about dozen meals at DB's. I do prefer lunch over dinner there, but I have way too many faves to frequent it. I did however enjoy thier happy hour wine and apps events.

              Muriel's has a new chef, Gus Martin, formerly Ralph's. The buss I'm reading on other forums is that it is Good! I'm planning to return soon and give it a try. Love the location and the decor. Hear the food is outstanding again,

              Bistro has a new owner, the chef, Greg Picolo. All reports have been favorable. It too is on my list to revisit. I have never had a bad meal during its many years and many chefs, so I expect nothing less next time.

              Gw Fins is starting up their summer wine pairing dinners:

              so many restaurants...sigh...and so many lbs

              1. re: edible complex

                Thanks for the info on G W Fins. Actually, it was there wines b-t-g list, that got our attention, shortly after they opened. They also did wine-tastings in the late afternoon. I was surprised, when they refused to charge me for it. Bartender, who did a good job with a upper-mid-range Chard tasting, got a hefty tip. Food has always been good to great, and service in the very good range. It is a bit casual, but so is another restaurant, that I enjoyed, Cochon.

                My Dickie B's experince was long ago, and universally bad. Even had a family member doing sous-chef work there, and he could not get us back. I hope that all has changed, especially post-K. Had it not been such a horrible experience, on all levels, I'd not even have mentioned it, because of the time, that has passed.

                Thanks for the H/U with G W Fins. We'll be back at the end of the Summer, and staying in the FQ. It's now been two trips, since we dined there, so they are due. Maybe I can get back, while the wine pairings are still going on.


        2. Request the garden room at CP. FWIW, whenever we have lunch at Galatoire's, (around 11:30) we are not ready to eat ANYTHING until 8:30pm. Plan your dinner resv. accordingly. I'd add Herbsaint and August to your list. Don't miss the crispy napoleon with remoulade (app) at Cuvee. Pick up a muff. at Central to bring home. We play tourist and take a private carriage ride and it is lovely. Bring along a go cup cocktail. Pick up a Gambit (a free weekly) and check the ads. Many restos. run ads with their summer specials. If you're in the quarter, HOB has them by the entrance to their store. It will be extremely hot so pack accordingly. You'll find the Aquarium and the IMAX a welcome respite. NOMA too. Thanks for coming.

          1. Check the SUMMER MENUS thread on this board.

            1. I second Bill Hunt's suggestion of Bayona and GW Fins. I have never had a bad experience at either, and Bayona remains my all time favorite, but Fins had the most prompt, attentive service combined with great food that I have found in quite awhile. Just overall wonderful experience.

              Based on so many not-so-great reviews, every time I go to Muriel's I have 'this probably won't be great' in the back of my mind, but it is always good. Not great and wow, but good. It just always seems to be 'right there' when we are hungry and have no particular plans and we have always been able to get in. I really like the atmosphere and if there is not a private party upstairs, you should see if they will let you go up and have a drink on the balcony and explore the dining rooms, seance room, etc. It is worth it, IMO, just for the fun of it.

              I also never miss a trip to Coops. It is certainly a dive and can get crowded quickly, so we go early. The duck quesadilla, jambalaya, fried chicken are very good. Great bloody mary as well.

              One that I don't see mentioned on this list very much, but that has great food, repeat, great food, is Orleans Grapevine Wine Bar . It is a cozy, centrally located bar/restaurant with excellent food. Very good atmosphere.
              The black angus medallions with marsala mushroom & cream sauce is delicious.

              Meauxbar is another one. The atmosphere is a bit too sterile and well-lit for my tastes, but the food is excellent. It is located on N. Rampart, so it is not exactly in the thick of things and I would be a bit more careful wandering up there, but I tend to be a bit paranoid when getting into that edge of the quarter. We always stay at Lafitte Guesthouse, so it is just a short walk up St. Philip for us.

              Have fun!

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              1. re: agood

                I'm glad that Muriel's has worked for you. Many folk have had great meals there. Ours were both events, albeit "culinary events," so maybe what we encountered was atypical. Still, were I hosting a culinary event at my restaurant, I'd make sure that everything was 100%. In both instances, the food was very uninspired, and not well presented. The service was non-existant. Other than the balcony dining in the FQ, we all (4 foodaholics) left very underwhelmed. When we found ourselves going back, we held our breath, expected the worst and got it. So much for lowering one's expectations. Still, with so many good reviews by CH folk (especially a bunch of locals), we must have hit them at two bad moments. May those moments never repeat.

                Thanks for sharing your positive experiences.


                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  re: Muriel's
                  I had a lunch for 50 upstairs that started in the Seance room (w/tarot card readers, drinks and passed apps) and then on to one of the private dining rooms w/balcony. I had pre-set the menus (w/various selections) and wines, and all was extremely well-timed with good service and food. Did not hear any complaints from anyone, though I did have them liquored up a bit.

                  I'm going this month for the theatre dining before or after Cabaret at Le Petit. They have a 3 course for $23.50 with some nice options. Will report, as this will be my first time there w/ Gus Martin cooking.

                  not sure if you like Martinique, but their summer offering is this:
                  Tues, Wed., Thur. 3 courses/$28. No corkage on Tues. Lunch special: Fri/Sat 3courses/$24.


                  1. re: edible complex

                    Sounds like a great event in the Seance Room. That was where our events began, and then the diners found tables about the upper level. It also seems like they have fixed, that which I found broken.

                    Please do report on your experiences. I feel like a lone diner, with my experiences. Maybe they had a few bad nights, and really bad momnets.


                  2. re: Bill Hunt

                    You are not alone. I've been to Muriel's a few times and have never been impressed. I've never had bad service, or food I couldn't eat, but it's just ok. And I don't like the atmosphere all that much, but I prefer little tiny places, so that's probably just me.

                    I was there most recently for a reveillon dinner in december. Good company, ok food, was the reaction of my table. Not sure if that was the current chef or if he's newer than that.

                    1. re: Bill Hunt

                      I'm with you Bill, regarding Muriel's. I think the food is mediocre at best, especially considering other places in town. I never recommend it and try to pursuade people against going there. For the money, I think there are much, much better restaurants.

                      However, if the old chef from Ralph's is there, it might be a different story. I love Ralph's. Their pork with p&j oysters is one of my favorite dishes in town.

                      1. re: N.O.Food

                        Yes, Gus Martin from Ralph's is at Muriel's, as I had reported earlier.
                        There are several dining rooms with different atmosphere's. Have enjoyed them all.

                        1. re: edible complex

                          edible complex, I envy you the lunch party. It sounds perfect and I my husband and I have talked about how great it would be to have a private party upstairs at Muriel's. Of course, we don't live there, so we would probably be a bit short on enough guests to fill the place. LOL!

                          I like all of the dining rooms except the bar and the dining area next to it. It seems to cavernous and different from the rest of the place.

                          Do you know how long Gus Martin has been there? Just wondering if he was there when we were in town in March.

                          1. re: agood

                            downstairs, I like to front room best overlooking the .Chartres.
                            not sure when Gus Martin started, but seem to remember the announcement about a month ago.

                  3. Bistro Maison de Ville has gotten to be a place that you can miss.
                    I would go to Jacques-Imo's, but NOT on a week-end. It's a great place for fun as well as great food.Brigtsen's is always a winner. When you go to Galatoires, sit downstairs, upstairs is stuffy
                    Have a great time

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                    1. re: MsBeebee

                      I disagree with that. I had lunch at the Bistro at Maison de Ville again yesterday and it was wonderful. First, vicssysoise with fresh salmon piled on a slightly cunchy sauteed potato slice "crouton". For the entree I had the special, a fennel crusted catfish filet over moist roasted greens and grilled asparagus. Off-menu strawberry sorbet for dessert, because everything seemed a bit heavy and I asked if they had anything lighter. The service is better than fine. They remember repeat guests and always seat me at "my" table where I can comfortably read while eating. Bistro is my go-to lunch "treat" restaurant in the Quarter.

                      1. re: uptownlibrarian

                        Oh, the fennel-crusted catfish sounds wonderful. To me, it just screams for an earthy Pinot Noir, or maybe a N. Rhône Syrah. Hope that it is still on the menu, come Sept! You say "lunch," maybe I can call to see if it could "appear" on the dinner menu later in the year.

                        Thanks for making me hungry.,


                        1. re: Bill Hunt

                          It was yesterday's special to start with, so I wouldn't bet on strolling in and ordering it any old time. I did tell him how good it was, so who knows? Maybe he'll get so much great feedback it will reappear. Definitely call though, and mention that you heard about it from a lovely girl who should be offered a glass of N. Rhône Syrah on the house next time.

                          1. re: uptownlibrarian

                            Wow, thank you guys so much for the replies! I have always felt a strong love for New Orleans every since the first time I came to visit. And both times in the heat of the summer! Can't wait to get back and try all of these wonderful restaurants.

                            1. re: uptownlibrarian

                              As soon as wife gives me the open dates for the upcoming trip down, I'll call, just to inquire. If nothing else, they'll know that people are talking about the dish.