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Jun 4, 2008 12:20 PM

Farmer Cheese - what to do?

The other day, while unsuccessfully looking for creme fraiche at the store, I decided to try farmer cheese to see if it would suffice. I got home and tried it, and it's definitely a whole other beast. I decided to try nuking it to see if that would smooth it out, and, of course, ended up with a mozzarella-like cheese and whey.

So, now I have a lot of it yet. How can I use it? I'm considering using a dollop on top of a pasta dish tonight, like ricotta. But is there anything that would better highlight it? It's good, and I love ricotta, and this is quite similar. I'd love to hear some fun ideas.

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  1. I have used farmers cheese as a filling for pierogies - with eggs, and sugar.


    1. Send some to me! I eat it (or fresh ricotta) every morning on whole grain toast with a smear of dulce de leche and a sprinkling of sea salt. Spread the toast with the dulce de leche and pile the cheese on top. Salt generously. Use it(or send it) quickly, as I find that it keeps at peak for only a few days in the frig..

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        Thanks! I do have some lovely apricots, and had been thinking about using it with them for a dessert, maybe with balsamic reduction. It's completely NOT what you said, but your idea kind of confirmed it. I had a sense that it would just be a great ricotta sub.

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          Yes..you can certainly use it to substitute for ricotta in, for example, pasta dishes.

      2. The only recipe I have that I can recall using farmers cheese is a Jewish dish called Kugel or Noodle Kugel (got it from a Jewish mom). The ones I like are sweet with cinnamon, sugar, and Corn Flakes on top (of all things - hardly an authentic Jewish ingredient!), but they can also be savory. It's hard to describe but it is sort of like a baked rice pudding only with pasta noodles instead of rice. If you do searches on kugel and farmers cheese, you'll find some recipes (not all kugel recipes use farmers cheese). They typically use about 1/2 lb. depending on how much you make. Haven't had it in years. Shoot. Now I want some!

        1. Another great Jewish recipe that calls for Farmer Cheese is Blintzes. I dont have my recipe with me, as I'm at work but its from a book by Faye Levy (there are probably others on the internet).

          Basically, you make some thin crepes and fill them with a mixture of farmer cheese, sugar, egg yolk, and a little cream cheese or ricotta. You then roll them up and bake them in the oven and serve with a fruit sauce such as blueberry. Delicious!! I will be making them myself on Sunday.

          1. You may have to drain it or press it to remove more water, but most farmer cheese should be good in a paneer dish.

            Saag paneer - mmm, mmm, good!