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Christmas Day - restaurants in LA?

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For once, my husband and I are not doing the "relative" thing on Christmas day and would like to eat OUT - any ideas for Christmas Day brunch/dinner in Los Angeles? My husband is picky - doesn't like Italian or French food - and I'm a vegetarian but that isn't as important - I can make do with steamed veggies in a heartbeat.


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  1. Many of the large Chinese restaurants are open in the San Gabriel Valley, but they may be crowded that day. There are a number of vegetarian ones as well, but you should call in advance. If you search chowhound for vegetarian Chinese restaurants, you should find a few.

    1. I have several times had Christmas breakfast/brunch at the Pacific Dinig Car on 6th Street in Downtown Los Angeles. Absolutely worth the trip. Eggs Benedict to die for (and other versins as well) with a Mimosa or two. I won't be able to do it this year and will be diminished by the lack of the renewed experience.