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searching for best Monte Cristo sandwich in L.A.

hey there, wise food folks of the Los Angeles area....who has the digs on the best Monte Cristo sandwich in the area? I totally appreciate your offerings. Many thanks.

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  1. Doesn't seem like a lot of help, but maybe you can use this old thread and let US know where the best Monte Cristo is:


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      twenty years ago I used to get great monte cristo's at the Rancho Park Golf Course cafe. I haven't seen an MC on a menu in a long time.

    2. I seem to remember having it once when I was living near 3rd St. I guess that means you'll have to look through the usual suspects around that neighborhood, like BLD or Toast or maybe Kings Road.

      1. Try Campanille on Thursday nights. It's grilled cheese night and their sandwiches are, for the most part, outstanding.

        I'm a big fan of their Croque Monseur, but i hear that the monte cristo is money too.

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          I don't recall a Monte Cristo on the Thursday night sandwich menu but agree that the Croque Monsieur is fantastic--paired with the right wine, it can be pure bliss!

        2. For my money the best Monte Cristo ever served was at the Tail Of The Cock both in Studio city and in Los angeles on La Cienega. Alas both are gone. But, fear not there is a very good version made at none other than Art's Delicatessen in Studio City. It may be the closest to the Tail that I've had. Disneyland in one of their restaurants also served a vey good version but to pay to get in to the park just to get a sandwich (if they still serve them) makes Art's the better value as well as a great sandwich. Even when I was young (many moons ago) we used to call them a heart attack on a plate but they sure are tasty.

          1. Red White and Bluezz in Pasadena does a fine version ... but only at brunch.

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              I went to Cafe Verde on Sunday-from a recommendation I think you made to someone else on the board. There was a Monte Cristo on the menu-have you had it? Our meal was fab BTW! I loved the tiny space, service, ambience and food! I love a place where I want to know what is on everyone else's plate because it all looks delicious. Thanks.

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                Never had the opportunity to try the monte cristo at Cafe Verde but I agree, the place is a charming little place nestled in old town Pasadena.

            2. If you're open to Croque Monsieur's as well, I had an amazing one for brunch at Comme Ca recently.

              1. Grace

                Luna Park - apparently a really fantastic version!

                26 Beach


                The Peach Cafe in Monrovia

                The Bounty

                1. i haven't been there in few years, but i used to LOVE the monte cristo's at lulu's in the valley
                  i've also heard that they have really good ones at the restaurant that borders on the 'pirates of the carribean' ride at disneyland. never tried them though.

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                    apparently, the monte cristos have gone downhill at the Blue Bayou. don't know if there's anyone that can confirm having had one recently. [i used to stick to the clam chowder in a bread bowl (back when i could eat gluten) that they serve across the way from the blue bayou.]

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                      Disneyland used to have a great MC. Last visit 3 wks ago the MC took a turn for tbe worst and is really bad. The bread is different, too thick, doughy, and oily.

                  2. My favorite is Towhey's in Alhambra, The french toast is very moist as is the meat. Very good. Served w/ syrup and jelly/jam

                    1. Green Street Restaurant (almost around the corner of the aforementioned Cafe Verde) makes a great Monte Cristo. Plus they serve it with mango chutney!

                      1. I don't know about L.A. but there's this little place called Tsiigehtchic. It's in the Northwest Territories in Canada's north. I would say they serve the best Monte Cristo EVER!!! They deef fry their's in a really rich, moist batter and serve it with home made strawberry and rhubarb chuntey!!! DELSIH!!! Best I've ever had :)

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                          *Deep Fry*?!?!?! This seems to me utterly revolting (sorry -- strong words I know but my reaction is pretty outraged!). Perhaps I mistake what this sandwich is "supposed" to be, but I am just appalled at the notion of deep frying a sandwich. They serve their MC deep-fried at Cafe 50's on Santa Monica and I was just shocked by this treatment; I'd never heard of it. But obviously this interpretation has greater reach than I could have conceived of, and a far-flung fan club as well.

                          I had a MC recently that was excellent but I'm not remembering clearly where -- I *think* it was at the bowling alley on Venice Blvd, Pepy's Galley I think it's called?

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                            I thought all Monte Cristo's were deep fried?!?!

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                              Well, that's an interesting concept! Until reacently I had never heard or conceived of such overkill as a *deep fried8 ham & cheese on french toast. I thought the first part of twice-grilling was excessive, but actually surrounding that thing in hot fat? Like, wow.

                              Wikipedia notes that "Traditionally it is dipped in its entirety in batter and deep fried". I had always just assumed it was a way for diners to use up leftover french toast. Wikipedia is mum on the question of the sandwich's origin.

                              If this sandwich is really as old as 200 years as was suggested on Wiki...I don't think it could have started out as deep fried. Surely deep-frying is a modern invention!

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                                Yeah, hate to tell you this, but Monte Cristos are fried by definition. The french toast sandwiches you're referring to are NOT true Monte Cristos.

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                            this is the only way i have had a monte cristo...deep fried and it is so delicious!
                            i want the recipe*s*

                          3. There is a very basic but good MC at Dupar's at the Farmer's Market.

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                              I believe the sandwich should be built then dipped and this seems to be hard to find in my area. I would suggest the Katella Deli, they also include jelly and sherbet which I got very used to and miss a great deal since I don't live nearby anymore.

                            2. The Monte Cristo at HMS Bounty on Wilshire is wonderful.

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                                OMG! That old haunt is still there? I'll have to go give it a try.

                              2. The Monte Cristo at the Blue Bayou in Disneyland is still superb.

                                1. luna park. and good drinks..

                                  1. Just back from Brents in Westlake Village. They have a wonderful Monte Cristo.