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Atlantic Beach

Going there in October-Any recomendations?

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  1. Do a search for Atlantic Beach, Beaufort and Morehead City and you'll find lots of recs. In Beaufort, Aqua is an excellent small plates style place. Two unique places that serve smrimpburgers, a local specialty, are El's Drive-In in Morehead City and Big Oak Drive-In in Salter Path.

    1. Another vore for El's. If you want more upscale go to Aqua in Beaufort.

      1. Great chef's at Amos Mosquito's and Crab's Claw. Amos is upscale casual, fresh, seasonal fare with cool, sometimes ethnic touches: crab cakes w/ chipotle aioli, lobster smashed potatoes, "scalloped scallops," surf and turf with "homemade Worcestershire". Crab's Claw, http://www.crabsclaw.com/, more casual, steamer pots, ribs but also nice pastas is even more casual, but a bit more. Have known Frank and Clara's in Pine Knoll Shores, a bit down the beach from AB to be solid old-school steaks and seafood, angles on horseback (with oysters) and such, but haven't been for a few years.

        1. I second the recommendations for El's and the Big Oak, although I'm personally not a fan of shrimpburgers. Tried them once to see what people were talking about and didn't see any reason to try them again. Instead, I recommend the barbecue sandwich at the Big Oak and the cheeseburgers at El's. Big Oak's barbecue is particularly good; I don't know if they make it themselves or if they have a supplier, but I prefer it to the products of some of the famous eastern NC barbecue establishments.

          Getting away from the drive-ins, I recommend Beaufort Grocery, Front Street Grill at Stillwater, and Blue Moon Bistro, all of which are in Beaufort. I've had consistently great experiences at all three restaurants. Visited Aqua once and didn't have a particularly good meal. Although I've been to the bar at Amos Mosquito's many times and will go there again, in my one experience eating there, I found the food to be average-- about what you would expect to find in a chain restaurant like Chili's.

          1. Ugh! Terrible edit on my recs. Sorry. Great "chefs" at Amos Mosquito's and Crab's Claw, both of which are in Atlantic Beach. The feel is a little more upscale at Amos, but both places welcome shorts and flip flops despite fairly impressive menus. Have had great meals both places, especially the ribs at Crab's Claw and the crab cakes at Amos. Never had a bad meal at Frank and Clara's when I was going.

            1. Watermark has charcoal grilled steaks that are some of the best you'll eat anywhere. Their seafood isn't too bad either. We eat there at least once, sometimes moreso, when we're there.

              Front Street Grille at Stillwater in Beaufort is also very good.

              El's for shrimpburgers, but if you're around Emerald Isle and they're open, go to Big Oak. Big Oak has good eastern NC bbq as well.

              1. The Island Grill in Atlantic Beach is very good. On Monday and Tuesday nights they have a 2 entrees for the price of 1 entree special.

                1. One more recommendation to add to the others I listed above-- the New York Deli, which is in a strip shopping center on the left going out of Atlantic Beach towards the causeway. They have great sandwiches.

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                    2nd on the NY Deli - was quite surprised by the quality, taste and value of the reuben lunch combo!

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                      3rd the New York Deli as well. It's always been one of my favorite sandwich shops / delis in NC. We were just there for the Big Rock with the kids and ate at Amos. We'd been before and I left with same impression this time as before. It's not bad but not really very creative and is a bit overpriced for the food and decor but for a non-chain family spot that trys and entertains the kids plus giving the adults decent food it is not bad. Actually had to park on the side of the road as parking lot was full so I guess they are doing something right (or passable at least). We also went to Roma's, the pizza spot next to the Beach Tavern. Again, it got the job done but not really very good pizza. I'd recommend going to BT instead. Also ate at Molly's Oceanside Bar and Grill at the Sheraton. Service was slow and crazy but beer was cold and burger was eatable. Not bad if you're stumbling off the beach in a bathingsuit and want a quick bite. If I were looking for a view with better food, I'd probably check out the Crab's Claw on the strip formerly known as the circle in AB proper. We have been there in awhile but it's usually pretty fare. For better or worse, I generally go in with lower expectations when dining at any of the spots on the island. If I'm looking for good basic family home cooked food (including good seafood) I'll hit Mrs. Willis' in Morehead City. If we're looking for upscale gourmet stuff, then we generally head for Beaufort or the Windansea on the Morehead waterfront.