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Jun 4, 2008 11:20 AM

Please Critique My Maui Itinerary

SF hound here. Spent a couple hours searching the boards, and now I'm looking for some feedback. Any gems I missed? Any places on the list that should be nixed? Price not an issue.
I appreciate your advice.

Top Picks:

Bev Gannon's Hali'imaile
Bev Gannon's Joe's
Peter Merriman's Kapalua
Lahaina Grill
Mama's Fish House
Plantation House

Also Considering:

Mala Wailea
Pacific O
Hula Grill
Pa'ia Fish Market
Ma'alaea Waterfront Restaurant

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I can't help you with all of those but I can tell you that The Lahaina Grill is fantastic. It was the highlight meal of our time in Maui. The maui onion & sesame crusted Ahi was just killer. IIR I had duck quessadillas for an app. A little light on the duck but very good. I know my wife had the toy box tomato salad and crab ravioli and both were excellent. So so on desserts. The owner is very friendly and the place is really unique. There is a good parking lot right behind the restaurant with a pay box. You have to walk about 1/2 block.

    1. Morton,

      Only input that I can offer is that Pacific O's, Hali`maile and Lahina Grill (nee David Paul's) WERE great, when we last dined on Maui. Since we're planning a trip in Oct/Nov, I will be monitoring this thread.

      Thanks for asking,

      1. I think you should definitely consider going to Capische? in Wailea and would remove Joes & Humuhumu from your to do list. New restaurant is set to open in August in the Shops at Wailea called Kaiwa (Japanese) - great press about the sister restaurant in Honolulu.