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Jun 4, 2008 11:17 AM

Hungarian Festival- New Brunswick

I've been seeing the signs by the side of the road and finally got a chance to catch most of the details.

It is this Saturday, June 7 on Somerset Street in New Brunswick. From 11-7, I believe, though I could be wrong on the end time.

Has anyone been in previous years? Is it worth going? I'm only really interested in the food as I haven't been able to find anything in the area.

And does anyone know exactly WHERE on Somerset St it is? That part I didn't see.


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  1. We went to this festival a few years ago. The food was outstanding. Dress comfortably. I recall it was crowded and very hot and the big dining hall had no AC. There was also outdoor seating... even hotter. But the food was worth the sweat.

    IIRC, It's on Somerset Ave, a few blocks from the train station.

    If you go, please report back.

    1. the food is definitely good - don't miss the palacsinta - basically hungarian crepes. Be aware that this is one of those festivals where most things are sold via a ticket system, not cash, so buy your tix before heading into the dining halls Also, it is Somerset Street, not Ave, and while I don't know all the cross streets, the American Hungarian Foundation is at 177 Somerset, and is basically at the center of the festival. Lots of traditional dancing and culture, and other than the food, a whole lot of junk being sold on the street. There is also beer, which may or may not interest you.

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        Would you happen to know if there are different styles of beer?