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Jun 4, 2008 11:12 AM

Benoit Restaurant

Can anyone tell me if Benoit in Paris is open for breakfast?
The Ducasse website does not specify...

If not can anyone suggest a great place for breakfast not too far from Gare Montparnasse
I will be there transiting so i will have a few hours to kill over breakfast.

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  1. I am practically 100% certain it isn't. How about La Rotonde which is close by (or some of the other brasseries in that row).

    1. I'd go to one of the large brasseries on Blvd Montparnasse (M°: Vavin), about a 10 min. walk from Gare Montparnasse.
      I like Le Dôme best, followed by Le Sélect and La Rotonde. La Rotonde is only in third place, since their formulas don't include anymore freshly squeezed OJ. The others do. Count with some 8€ for a hot beverage, some viennoisieries, a buttered baguette and jam. Formulas with eggs also available.

      Some nice cafés with terraces on Place Edgar-Quinet as well, even closer to the train station and slightly cheaper.