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Jun 4, 2008 10:54 AM

Taste of Charlotte

I am visiting Charlotte this weekend and saw that the Taste of Charlotte is occurring. Are there any restaurant stands that I should not miss?

Are there any restaurants that I should eat at while in Charlotte. I believe I am staying near the convention center. Thanks.

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  1. Search this board for restaurant recs near the convention center. Avoid Taste of Charlotte.

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    1. re: southernitalian

      What southernitalian said. Taste of Charlotte is mainly mediocre and chain restaurants serving food of an even lesser quality than what they serve in their restaurant. There may be some halfway decent stuff here and there, but very little.

      As for places near the convention center, many other threads are in here list good places to go, but to provide a quick reference, I recommend the following within walking distance:

      Ratcliffe on the Green
      Town (kind of a hike from the convention center)

      If you're looking for something reltively inexpensive and laid back:

      Alexander Michael's
      (kind if a hike from the convention center, but a doable walk)

      If you're willing to drive a little bit, try these places:

      Carpe Diem

      For less expensive fair:

      Mac's Speed Shop (you can get here by lightrail)
      Cabo Fish Taco
      Pio Pio
      Lang Van
      300 East
      Sir Edmond Halley's
      Hef's (If you're looking for bar food, but very good bar food)

      1. re: ickymettle

        Very nice icky! I still haven't tried Pio Pio and have never heard of Hef's but I think you nailed it otherwise. Love that you include Sir Edmund's. I love that place. The OP should keep in mind that it is going to be way up in the 90's this weekend so the quick walk to Ratcliffe on the Green is probably your wisest choice. Probably the best of these picks by far too.