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Jun 4, 2008 10:48 AM

Gibnut and Belizean Food

I recently got back from a trip to Belize where I had some amazing food including gibnut -- a large rodent-type creature that was served to me in a stew. Would love to find a Belizean restaurant in NY - especially if they serve gibnut. Can anyone make a recommendation?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Not sure which type of Belizean cuisine you mean, but I understand there was a Garifuna restaurant (Afro-Carib peoples of Belize and other countries). If you do a search on this board you will find the reference.

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        It was shut for serving alcohol to minors.

      2. You tried gibnut and want to eat it here? Jeez...have you seen that animal live?
        The Garifuna restaurant, Garifuna Star, was, indeed, shuttered recently.
        For more information:

        Another Belizean joint was closed a few years back:

        I'm afraid what that leaves you is rice and beans at any of a number of Guatemalan or Mexican restaurants (don't forget: these countries border beautiful Belize and many Guatemalan and Mexican expats now live, and cook, in Belize). It is quite possible that the Red Hook Ball Field vendors might satisfy your longings: pupusas are commonly offered.

        I hope you brought a few bottles of Marie Sharp's back with you....

        1. What might be gibnut under another name appeared at a Guyanan stall at the West Indian Day Parade: