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Jun 4, 2008 10:47 AM

congee in sf?

Anyone got a good tip for congee in SF? Preferably congee with pork or other toppings, and preferably pretty cheap.


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  1. Hing Lung on Broadway is a justifiably popular place for congee and other Chinese breakfast goodies (just look at the long lines for their house-made you tiao and "cow tongue" pastries). The zhaliang are good, too.

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    1. re: Xiao Yang

      Congee maybe a dime a dozen all over Chinatown, but arguably only a handful of the places really nail it down. I would have to say Hing Ling's congee is of a very high standard and probably closer to what it should taste like in Hong Kong with that creamy thick texture, versus other MSG ladened and watered down flavorless renditions. So yeah, you're spot on of the oil "dipping" sticks and cow tongue pastries adding to the experience. Might not be the cheapest if the OP is more concerned about price, but it is certainly at the top of the ranking list should there be one.

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        I like Hing Ling too, but there's a place on the western side of Stockton just a block or two north of Sacramento that has my favorite pork and thousand year egg congee.

        I know, I've just described the location of about twenty eateries. But does anyone else know what I'm talking about? It's one of those places with take out dim sum (pretty good and cheap, actually). No ducks in the window, just glass bakery windows and lots of metal steamers full of dumplings and pork buns on the right as you walk in. Congee only comes in the one flavor and is ladled out of a pot next to the cashier.

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          Maybe You's Dim Sum? It's dim sum only and no other steam table food.

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            I am 99% sure you are correct. Thanks!

    2. You might want to check the various take-out dim sum counters around Stockton St in Chinatown, on Clement and/or Irving streets. They often have congee/jook, usually pork and preserved egg or chicken with mushroom as choices, in the morning. A serving will be about $1.50, and certainly less than $2. I like Wing Lee and Wei Lee on Clement for take-out jook. Both have tables where you can sit down to eat your purchase out of styrofoam after buying it at the counter.

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        The jook at Wing Lee is now $2.25. Still a great deal in my book.

        1. re: srr

          Thank you for the price update.


          Hing Lung Restaurant
          674 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133

          Wing Lee Bakery
          503 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118

          Wei Lee Chinese Food & Donut
          700 Clement St, San Francisco, CA

      2. You could try Won Ton House or Ming Tai Wun Tun on Noriega.