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Jun 4, 2008 10:47 AM

What goes well with scotch - take 2

The question regarding drink pairing with Indian food and the question about scotch, cigars and food got us started thinking. So, we are going to tackle the issue in our blog. While there are a lot of fantastic suggestions below, we were wondering what you think about the Ranger's interesting point regarding styles of single malt and food pairings. Do you match the flavors, use the sweet to compliment the smoky and vice versa, or do you just sip and sample indiscriminately?

So here is our question, given that food when paired with a fine single malt must have enough strength of character to compliment it rather than be overwhelmed by it, what are your favorite foods, and, if applicable, pairings with scotches? Feel free to chime in, even if you wrote below.

The Scotch Chix

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  1. Oh, and just to get the topic started again, here is our take on it.

    We've been sipping and sampling pretty indiscriminately, and thoroughly enjoying each experience. So we think both matching flavors and complimentary flavors must work. We plan to do further research, however.

    As DC Scotch Chick indicated we like:
    really good chocolate chip cookies (no Blackie T, we did not laugh - we fully agree)
    old gouda cheese

    We also pair single malts with:
    Dark Chocolate
    Roasted Almonds
    Indian food
    Szechuan and Hunan Cuisine
    Chicken Wings

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      1. re: dcscotchchick

        seafood with the islay malts. the peat of a lagavulin or ardbeg works beautifully with scallops. especially if you have drowned scallops in a whisky butter sauce already. yah!!

        agree with the nice blend with spicy foods. it's a nice change from constantly having sweeter whites with spicy food.

        1. re: ravenous

          Come fall when I'm in the mood for more peat I am going to try this. DO you have a particular scallop recipe you use?

          Thanks for the post.

          1. re: dcscotchchick

            no particular recipe. literally melt butter, slosh whisky in, pour over scallops. it was an experiment. after acquiring a taste for scotch last year, we too decided there wasn't enough being done with whisky and food pairing so decided to experiment with anything.

            by the way, caramelizing onions with a sweeter whisky is a fav too.

    1. Sushi and Scotch. I like a gentle Lowland like Auchentoshan 10yo. That being said, I can find a good Scotch match to just about any type of food. Even the ubiquitous JW Black Label will work with a hot dog at Coors Field.

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      1. re: wagger

        Where I used to work in Speyside hosted whisky dinners. The guidelines were whisky involved with each course and a pour with each course
        Night 1 was...
        Seared Scallops Flamed in Glen Turret, Pea Purée & Mint Butter Sauce
        Glen Turret 12

        White Onion & Strathdon Blue Cheese Soup, Tullibardine Cram & Croutons
        Tullibardine 1993

        Lemon, Ginger, Glenfiddich Liqueur Granita

        Shoulder & Loin of Scottish Lamb, Wild Mushrooms
        Garlic Roast Potatoes, Rosemary & Springbank Reduction
        Springbank 10

        Dark Chocolate & Benromach Pot, White Chocolate & Almond Biscotti
        Benromach 15

        Handmade Truffles Laced with Dunkeld Atholl Brose
        Glenfiddich Solera 15
        Dunkeld Atholl Brose

        Night 2 was...
        Tian of Smoked Salmon Marinated in Glen Farclas, Crème Fraiche & Avruga
        Glen Farclas 12

        Wild Mushroom Consomme Laced with Glenrothes & Tarragon
        Glenrothes 1992

        Cranberry, Apple & Drambuie Sorbet

        Breast of Gressingham Duck, Pearl Barley & Spinach Risotto
        Highland park, Lime and Heather Honey Jus
        Highland Park 12

        Apricot & Vanilla Parfait, Balblair Syrup & Cumin Shortbread
        Balblair 10

        Handmade Truffles Laced with Dunkeld Atholl Brose
        Dalmore 10
        Dunkeld Atholl Brose

        1. re: Cam D

          Wow! Fantastic. Wish I had that job. Thank you for the detailed report.

          CA Scotch Chick

          1. re: CA Scotch Chick

            Where is this place and are they hiring? I used to waitress and I'll volunteer to test anything for quality control.

      2. I'm a traditionalist, and by that I DON'T mean a fan of the 1950s restaurant chain, Scotch 'n Sirloin. Rather, I mean I prefer my malt neat, sometimes before dinner, sometimes afterwards, and occasionally with a good cigar.

        In other words, I'm not the biggest fan of serving distillates with a meal. I find the alcohol deadens both the taste buds and the appetite.



        P.S. The link to your website doesn't work, because you put a space between the "http://" and the "www. . . "

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        1. re: zin1953

          Thanks for the info on the link, Jason. I really appreciate it - all fixed now.

          We're traditionalists in many things too. But once you've had one of DC Scotch Chick's killer chocolate chip cookies with a Glenrothes there is no going back.

          CA Scotch Chick

          1. re: CA Scotch Chick

            I promise: when next in DC, if she wants to offer me this pairing, I will approach it with an open mind. Until then, however . . . .


            1. re: CA Scotch Chick

              Is this cookie recipe something the Chicks would be so kind as to share with the world? :)

              1. re: ShadowedOne

                Please post any cookie recipes on the Home Cooking board. Thanks!

          2. I moved fron Denver 5 years ago, and a restaurant on Colfax just north of Josephine (brick building, north side of Colfax) offered a $12 sampler of 5 single malts from a pretty good list, 11/2 oz. pours in little snifters, and a boiled lobster dinner for $10 on Wednesday. I'm not sure if that pairing is a natural, but 22 bucks for 7.5 ounces of single malt and a lobster, we made it a natural. For all that scotch, ( and my golf group were regulars and good tippers so we got more than a fair pour) that's my explanation for why I can't remember the name of the place.