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Jun 4, 2008 10:44 AM

Linguini with white clam sauce?

Looking for restaurants that serve my absolute favorite meal. I know that Vespaio, Bellagio and Gypsy all serve it, but just wondered if anybody knows of any other place that might serve it? Thanks!

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  1. You must be my soul sister! I have been searching for the same thing! I read that Romeos had it, but I have never been wowed by their food. I wondering about Andimo? (Don't know if spelling is correct, but they are on Rutland in North Austin). I tried to go there today, but their lunch was already over - I will check on it tomorrow and report back, if someone else does not beat me to it.

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      Romeo's (which is not my favorite) used to have it on the menu--and it actually wasn't too bad. However, I guess when it changed ownership they removed it from the menu. Glad there is someone else looking for the same fix!!

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        Every time we go to Ciola's in Lakeway, my wife gets this dish. She actually told me last weekend "we need to go to Ciola's this week for Linguini w/ clam sauce..."

    2. I went to Randalls tonight to make my own after your post - it is pretty good, even if I have to resort to canned clams - but they wanted $2.79 for a small bottle of clam juice - no way! I will try again the place on Rutland tomorrow....

      1. If you are willing to take the drive I think Ciola's does a lot of great things with clams, and they do have a linguini with clam sauce. As an east coaster I find that there food is as good as you can get as far as italian in Austin. When I first visited the restaurant I had a great conversation with the owner, he told me all of his clams were fresh, thats a plus in my book. I can't wait to hear about the Andiamo review, i have heard very good things about it.

        1. I'm rather sure Asti in Hyde Park is also serving this dish.

          1. I just returned from a very fine dinner at Asti tonght and they do a very commendable version of clam linguine; good garlic flavor, but now overpowering and nice balance of parsley, olive oil and butter. I'd order it again anytime I felt the urge.