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Jun 4, 2008 10:26 AM

seftel panned over easy ??

whats the deal? granted, its been 6 months since ive been to over easy. loved it.

went on opening day, some things need a bit of tightening up. but one thing was really clear - he's using quality ingredients across the board.

seftel says may should be embarrased because of the low quality of the sausage? what's he talking about?

and he goes to ranch grille and basically misses the whole green chile concept? i don't get it - green chile is their schtick, its their hook, their reason d'etre.

someone explain these reviews to me, i'm at a loss. i'd expect dodgy food writing from some of their freelancers but i wouldn't expect seftel to miss the concept at least, at both places...

am i missing something?

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  1. I was surprised too. Granted I have not been able to eat there yet, but I have heard universally favorable comments.

    However, I heard that Seftel is a HUGE fan of Oregano's.......! ;-)

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    1. re: ejs1492

      lol that explains everything :D

      fwiw, i really don't expect everyone to love what i love. that's naive, and a little egotisical. but at the very least, one would hope that quality ingredients could be identified. prepared well or to your taste? totally up to interpretation. but can't tell the difference between the goods and something loaded off the back of a sysco truck? ouch!!!!

    2. I haven't tried either restaurant, so I can't speak to the validity of his critiques. I don't know that I would call the reviews outright pans, though. He liked most things, but found some menu items to be lacking. I certainly did not get the message that I should stay away from either restaurant, but that some items might not be worth ordering or might not be that different from what one might find at many other places.

      Being more or less completely ignorant about both places, I'm not sure why it's a big deal that the green chile theme at Ranch House Grille was merely implied or alluded to in the review. Is the green chile theme so in-your-face that not mentioning it is really a sign of totally missing the point of the place (e.g., like failing to notice how the waitresses are dressed at Hooters)?

      At any rate, the critiques mostly sounded constructive (assuming they aren't totally off-base) and actually piqued my curiosity, which was on the verge of being smothered under a mountain of raves about the green chile CFS.

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      1. re: hohokam


        All the raves from our friends say their chile verde is amazing and make run-of-the-mill dishes great when paired with it. It's definitely worth a try if you are a fan.

        1. re: Firenza00

          My SO hails from the heart of green chile country, a goodly amount of our freezer space is devoted to storage of roasted chiles, and I have NM chiles growing in the garden as I type this. So, we're definitely a chile-positive household. :-)

          But I was beginning to think that the green chile CFS was the only thing Ranch House Grille had going for it. It takes some doing to get us to go out for breakfast, and we tend to eat relatively lightly in the mornings. So, the thought of starting the day with a restaurant breakfast of CFS seemed pretty much like a non-starter to me. Now that I know there is other stuff worth trying, I'm more likely to check out RHG.

        2. re: hohokam

          I didn't necessarily see the reviews as "pans", either, however, it is curious that he did not recognize the quality at Overeasy - the Neuske's bacon, for example, the gravy on the chicken-fried steak, or the fact that they seem to poach their eggs perfectly.

          What I found hilarious in regards to RHG is that he called it "a very cute place". HA! That has to be a joke - the interior is horrible. If green chilis are their thing, then I will admit that I missed that too. The green chili verde is awesome, and definitely elevates the dishes it's served with, but I didn't know it was their schtick. winedubar - what else have you had with green chilis? It's definitely not "destination" place, but a good local joint that is incredibly consistent.

        3. Actually, his opinion of RHG (I haven't been to OE) somewhat mirrors my own. RHG has good stuff, but not great. Tara really likes them, but I've always come away somewhat disappointed. I want to love it, because so many of our friends love it, but kinda like Matt's BB, I'm apparently immune to the magic. That's not to say I don't recommend it to people, since I know I'm a minority view. I think the issue might be that what I usually order for breakfast aren't their best dishes. Friends rave about their chile verde, but unfortunately I can't eat that, so I might just be missing out on the good stuff.

          1. Winedubar, I notice the mention that you have not been in six months and Howard references a five month old restaurant in his review. I expect that quite a few changes might have been forced down the owner’s throat over the intervening months given the harsh economic realties that restaurants are currently facing with the combination of inflated food prices and fewer people with the disposable income to eat out. Perhaps one of those changes just might have been a downgrade on the sausage to save money. Just a thought.

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            1. re: AzDumpling

              With Pischke's recent closing, Overeasy's owner Aaron May and Robert McGrath are teaming up to do a new spot in it's place. So while we may be in a downturn, the crowds at OE and this new venture would suggest some things must be going right.

              1. re: AzDumpling

                ok ok so pan is may too strong a word. i was just suprised he gave both 3 stars..

                i agree hotdish, there's not much cute about ranch house grill ;) i laughed too when i saw that.

                hohokam - green chile rules the day at rhg,so that on anything is good :D esp the spicy tortilla. good times. ;)

                azdumpling - i understand how things can get busy,and i would have fully gotten it if he'd said the service or preparation did a bit of a slide. i think chef may is a ball buster, i don't see him letting people slack, but whatever - it does happen. i REALLY don't see him dropping the calibre of ingredients. i think he'd ax it before subbing a secondary quality of something. thats why i was shocked by seftel saying the sausage was poor quality. just mho tho :)

                1. re: winedubar

                  I visited OE about two weeks ago for the first time. LOVED it! I think it may be better than Matt's and Matt's is good but again too much hype.

              2. While I've never been a Seftel fan (think most of his reviews are too basic, and somewhat dumbed-down), I do think he got the Over Easy review generally right and 3 stars is about the rating I would have given Over Easy -- and I am a big fan of Over Easy.