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Jun 4, 2008 10:17 AM

How do you flavor your home-made marshmallows?

Thinking of attempting home-made marshmallows. Not a candy-maker but the article on Bon Appetite got me curious. We'll see. Thinking it might be fun to try out some different flavorings while I'm at it. Don't mind getting exotic. Any advice/recommendations.

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  1. I've made them... first off use the easiest recipe you can find. Mine was Alton brown on foodnetwork.. basically was gelatin, corn syrup, water, and sugar. Anything else and you are making work for yourself.

    As far as flavorings, I haven't done much, but my next plan is crusshed peppermint sticks to go in for mint hot chocolate. Crystallized ginger could be good as well. You can either go the "flavor" route with essential oils and extracts, or the "chunks" route (chocolate chips, candies, dried fruit, etc)

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      Thanks for the advice. The recipe in Bon Appetite sounds a bit like this -- simple but does call for potato starch instead of cornstarch. Cornstarch slighly easier as have this around -- wonder why the difference? For flavorings -- was thinking of something with a consistent texture -- which I guess is probably essential oils direction. Although my problem with a lot of those extracts is how can get sometimes a little chemically/artificial tasting which I'm not wild on. Ginger marshmallow sounds like it could be fantastic! Also toying with idea of a saffron/rosewater something...

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        Crushed mints and ginger are both great ideas! I hate those extracts - I agree w/ your chemical/artificial evaluation. I've tried rosewater before, but it was a bit too delicate. I made rose petal jam and might use that in my next batch of 'mallows - I bet the streaks would look great.

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          I have made the Bon Appetit recipe and I used cornstarch. It worked fine. I didn't do any flavorings and followed the recipe to a T.

      2. Here is Dorie Greenspan's recipe. I've been thinking of making these for weeks with strawberry puree.

        There are options here for raspberry (and other fruit purees), chocolate, and pumpkin spice.

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          I used strawberry puree with the recipe from the Paris Sweets cookbook and they were absolutely delicious and a beautiful rose colour. I was amazed how easy they were.

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            I tried out Dorie Greenspan's suggestion for cappuccino marshmallows. This was my first time making them homemade and I figured if I was doing the work I'd want more than just plain results. I used (Emily's Famous Marshmallows) and just added Dorie's cappuccino mix in the end. Wonderful results. Can't wait to try pumpkin spice. Was thinking about playing around with making white chocolate as well.

          2. Really liking the jam/fruit-puree direction. My dad is a big jam maker so I've got lots of interesting flavors to experiment with there -- rhubarb and ginger, strawberry and lavender. Think raspberry could be excellent too! Like the pumpkin spice concept too -- for a different direction. Thanks for all the great ideas.

            1. I've never made marshmallows, but I recently had a pink marshmallow flavored with red beets. It was surprisingly tasty!

              1. For adding flavors, you can also use fruit juices (or purees). I made Meyer lemon and blood orange marshmallows this winter and was really successful (the lemon were to die for). Chocolate swirl is another favorite - google it and you'll a great recipe.

                I've played with mint variations and am pretty resigned to extract - I find that you don't get an off flavor with mint, and peppermint candy chunks/powder were both unsuccessful for me.

                Have fun - it's addictive and nowhere near as difficult as you'd expect.