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Jun 4, 2008 10:17 AM

Las Vegas Chowhound in Ashland

I will be heading to Ashland for a bit of The Bard next week, and after searching this board have not found many recent postings for the area. Has there been anything new to the scene over the past two years or so? Any "can't miss" places, particularly in terms of regional cuisine? And on departure day, where would be the best location to put together a picnic basket for the road (leaving around 11 AM, so must be a place open in the AM)?

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  1. I haven't been to Ashland since last summer, so I can't tell you about any new places.

    One place that has a lot of options for picnic baskets is the Chateulin Wine Shop--I'm not sure of their hours. They have some pre-packaged picnic supplies. Also, Allison's of Ashland has some food in addition to their kitchen store, so that might be another option. Usually we go to a grocery store between A and B on 1st street to pick up something for the drive home, but usually it's just some fruit and something to drink.

    1. New Sammie's Cowboy Bistro , in Talent.

      1. Still morning glory and dragonfly for breakfast.
        New places include Heartsong Herbal Brewing-Chai, and T's at 2nd and E. Main, run by the former chef at Peerless. New places in medford include 38 on Central and the Chef's Table.
        New Sammy's is now open for lunch 12-2 Wednesday thru Sunday. Very nice. You can get in.
        Bangkoks Benny for Thai and Arbor House in Talent. Both worthwhile.
        La Tapitia in Phoenix for the best mex.
        Lille Belle chocolates and Rogue Creamery in Central Point are located next to each other and now have retail stores. worth a visit.
        Coop is what Nettie mentioned for a picnic. Also, Shopnkart on Ashland St. has the best cheese, wine and beer selection and a good selection of inventive picnic goods in the produce section. Market of Choice has a good deli too.
        Wines: Trium
        on Rapp Lane iin Talent now is open for tastings Fri-Sun 12:00-5:00.
        Hit Paschal also. Always fun.
        Farmer's market at the New Ashland Armory on Tuesdays and the Medford Armory on Thursdays.

        1. The Village Baker a couple blocks south of the festival for baked goods on your way out of town.

          New Sammies Cowboy Bstro as mentioned, but they are a relaxed, take your time dining experience. Best to go on a night you don't have a play.

          Thai Pepper has some good fusion dishes. The owner is from Indonesia and has tweaked the traditional dishes. Don't be confused by the name and think this is really a Thai place:)

          Lela's is a good place for a meal. I like lunch there better.

          Standing Stone Brewery is only a couple blocks from the theater and a good place for a casual lunch or dinner. The food is good, the beer is better.

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              just had a guy helping to run the new crafts market at the Hot Springs(weekends)
              tell me about a cart run by a young Japanese couple using her mother's recipes!
              I'll check it out tomorrow.