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Jun 4, 2008 10:07 AM

Ottawa near Radisson

I'm staying at the Radisson on Queen St in Ottawa. Any recommendations for a good dinner place with moderate prices ($15-$50 pre-tax for one) that I can walk to? Most cuisines work for me, but I don't feel like sushi or Central/South American food tonight.

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  1. There's not too much to chose from in that area. Arome Meze (Nepean and Kent) is very nice and Le Café at the NAC is always reliable (just walk along Queen to Elgin - you can't miss the concrete fortress). Further south is Benitz Bistro on Somerset. You could also try the market - Domus, Black Cat Cafe, Sweetgrass.

    1. Not too far to walk, always tasty, and interesting atmosphere is Savana Cafe ( on Gilmour near Kent.