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Jun 4, 2008 10:03 AM

Philly's best sushi

I've tried many sushi restaurants in Philly and the best is Yama Japanese Restaurant, located in Horsham, PA Montgomery county. My brother and I eat there at least two times a week. The sushi is hands down the freshest I've ever tasted! The service is great and they also offer quick take-out. I would recomend this place to anyone that is in the area and loves great sushi.

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  1. Best Sushi/ Sashimi/ Maki in the Greater Philadelphia Area.
    SAGAMI, in Collingswood, NJ. I'm a sushi fanatic, I've eaten sushi in Japan, California, NYC. The best I've had around here is definately Sagami.
    Service is always excellent, fish is always the freshest. I usually get the Chirashi. The regular traditional Japanese menu items are just as good.

    In Philadelphia when I need a quick local fix I go to:

    1) Koi (2nd Street b/w Spring Garden and Fairmount)
    2) Uzu (b/w Front and 2nd Street on Market St)
    3) Mitzu (Market b/w 2nd and 3rd Sts)

    All have very fresh sushi/sashimi
    Uzu and Mitzu have some very creative rolls, really good selection of sushi
    Koi, has the standard sushi selection, but really fresh and nice sized portions and good maki rolls.

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      I'd agree on Fuji! Have you tried Zento?

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        Don't forget Blue FIn in Plymouth Meeting, so Good!

      2. Genji is pretty delicious. My friend used to work there as a sushi chef and said that all of their ingredients are top of the line.

        1. Fuji is good, haven't been there in a while. Have neither been to Blue Fin, nor Zento yet, heard good things about both. Miraku, on Bethelham Pike in Spring House, PA (?) has good sushi as well.

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            Try Zento. The house soy sauce was so good I wanted to buy some (and would've asked if I could if only I hadn't felt lazy about hauling it home). The Zento roll is excellent - it has avocado, which I really don't enjoy but did in this case because the avocado was understated and really added to the roll without being intrusive.