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Jun 4, 2008 09:57 AM

Ancho Chile and Chile de Arbol Powder

Could anyone tell me where I might find these chile powders in the Needham, Newton, Wellesley areas? Whole Foods, Sudbury Farms, Trader Joes?

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  1. Not in those towns, but in Arlington and via mail order -- Penzey's Spices definitely has the Ancho chile powder. Don't know about the other.

    1. As the other poster said, Penzey's should have both at either the retail store in Arlington or via mail order.

      I have also purchased both of these at Christina's Spice in Cambridge. I realize these are both a little out of your range.

      Christina's Spice & Spec Foods
      1255 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139

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        And if one is going the mail order route, I often prefer to penzeys (they're the same family so a lot of things are nearly, if not completely identical - but its worth poking at both).

        I'm sure that Christina's would have it.

      2. Whole Foods should have both - they do in Woburn.

        1. Many Latin markets (and Super 88) should carry the whole peppers. I like to buy it that way and use a spice grinder to make the powder.

          Not really familiar with the areas you mention and can't offer specifics.

          1. If you're willing to travel to JP, the Stop & Shop on Centre St has them.