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Jun 4, 2008 09:36 AM

Help..... upscale, modern, romantic

I need some help... I don't frequent Baltimore that often though I am aware of the fact that it offers a great variety of dining experiences. I am looking for an upscale, modern restaurant to take my wife to a nice anniversary dinner.

I have been to a few places in Baltimore... Flemming's (too pampas and pretentious), Ruth Chris (too overplayed), Salt (pretty good food, nice decor, but too loud and small), Saute' (decent food, nothing to write home about...thought the Caesar salad was the best part). I heard that Pieces was good, but very $$$ and is really just for the view) Variety of others like Kali's Court (thought the service had a bit to wish for...)

recommendations so far that I have not been to are:

Wine Market
Waver Table
Brass Elephant
Pazza (spelling?)
Black Olive

Do any of these make sense or do you have any others??


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  1. To add to the list Corks in Federal Hill. Its like eating in someones wine cellar.

    1. Wine Market: Not what you're looking for. It's ok but not great.
      Bicycle: High prices but good food. It's a good choice.
      Brass Elephant: haven't been there in a while but I think it's been coasting on reputation.
      I think you mean Pazo. Hip, loud atmosphere, did have good food but has gotten some pans lately.
      Black Olive: If you thought the service at Kali's Court was lacking, you'd hate this.

      My favorite is Chameleon Cafe on Harford Road, but I don't know how that works for you.

      1. Oceanaire is nice, but it doesn't have an "intimate" feel.

        Roys is nice, but you should be a fish lover to maximize your dollar here.

        The Brass Elephant is a little old and stodgy for my liking. The food and service are good, but it has an old smell (I feel a little bad typing that :)

        Bicycle is an excellent choice.

        Corks is good, but the service during my two visits was not impressive.

        From your list I would choose Bicycle.

        My husband took me to 1789 in Georgetown for our anniversary. The food/service/ambiance was superb. They printed a special Happy Anniversary menu for me with my name, signed by the chef, that I saved as a souvenier. It was top notch - albeit not in Baltimore.

        1. For something non-traditional as a DC girl I got to go to Woodberry Kitchen and was really impressed. It is warm but modern and has really good food.

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            Thanks so much for all the great recommendations! I really appreciate the ideas and insight of the various characteristics of the establishments. I am really not that attached to Baltimore, it is just a bit closer thats all. I would rather just go to the better restaurant DC/Baltimore/Ellicott City/Columbia etc.