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South Street Seaport Recs

I will be in town for business - but looking for some recommendations for a place to have dinner Sun night with my co worker close to our hotel which is at South St Seaport.

Hoping for good food, not too formal.


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  1. Two of my favourites are Acqua- great italian place and Suteishi- japanese. If you are up for great pizza walk 5 mins to Stone Street and stop by Adrienne's.

    1. Carmine's Italian Seafood on Beekman Street is an old-world place that serves really good food (try the frutti di mare). Original seaport restaurant with great, friendly atmosphere. Very informal.

      1. Stella Maris on Front Street. The chef has a real knack for seafood, but the kitchen also puts out a great burger and fries. Wonderful selection of beer. Oysters and clams on the half shell served cold and briny as they should be.

        I have only been to Carmine's once and found it to be on the same level as restaurants you would find in a shopping mall across the U.S. -- my guess is that a lot of their food comes from the freezer or cans -- but many people like that style.

        1. I think Acqua is a fine choice for Italian. Suteishi, while having pleasant service, serves some pretty average sushi.

          If you like steaks, you can go to Mark Joseph.

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            I love Carmine's but you should probably go to the Bridge Cafe on Water Street which claims it's the oldest drinking establishment in NY but, that aside, it has pretty good food in a nice setting. You're probably at the Seaport Inn so turn right past Acqua, go past Mark Joseph (which I love but it is formal which you don't want) and you'll find it on the corner.

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              2nd Bridge Cafe. Lovely atmosphere and cozy. Friendly staff. We stopped in before walking over the Brooklyn Bridge for the birthday festivities. DH had the mussels with sausage (chorizo?) and not only did he eat all of it but he sopped up every last morsel and bit of juice with all the bread! I just had a salad but it was lovely -- a lot of cheese and some nice crisp pears. Had a good wheat beer too.

          2. Just had dinner at Table Tales - the Prix Fixe 3 course dinner for $26.50 was a bargain. Not a huge menu, but everything we tasted was delicious and beautifully cooked. Service was outstanding. Highly recommended

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              This is an old 2008 post. Second Table Tales and Acqua suggestions. Onda (Latin) is also good. Cowgirl Seahorse is a new casual option.

            2. We work at Wall & Water and do alot of entertaining in the area. We agree with almost everything that has been posted, and, on our view, you can't go wrong with any of the suggestions. We would add Nelson Blue, possibly within a stone's throw of your hotel, and I would ask others to comment on my suggestion. In any event, have a great stay!

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                Nelson Blue is more of a bar scene. Lively. I went once for dinner with a friend. A good place for drinks (nicely price New Zealand whites) and apps when you're looking for a lively atmosphere.

                There is a new place called ? at 2 Gold (pizza, etc.). I have not been yet but hear good things from friends. Same owners as Adrienne's.

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                  Les Halles is on John Street (not really South Street Seaport but not too far) and it's rather good.

                2. I had lunch at Acqua yesterday and we thought it was dreadful. Judging from other posters and various reviews, I'd like to think this was either an aberration or -- even worse -- normal for a Saturday lunch (off peak!). Before I even discuss the food, it bears mention that the service was detached and aloof. There were two employees on the floor -- one serving, one busing -- and three tables occupied. Both staff members exuded zero warmth or hospitality, and were inattentive. They were clearly bored to death, staring off into space most of the time rather than offering a smile or any sentiment from time to time. The food was sub-par. A fresh crab salad suffered from lump crab on its last legs -- the dish was well-executed, but without the dollops of piquant sauce and basil oil, the fishiness of the crab would not have been camouflaged. A special soup -- which I had to solicit from the server rather than be offered proactively -- was excellent. Cannelini and borlotti beans with black kale. It was sublime. I wish I could sa the same about our pastas. The ravioli with walnut sauce suffered from too little filling and also too little time spent cooking! It was shy of al dente and not friendly to the tooth. The amatriciana was perfectly al dente and imperfectly seasoned -- it was way too oversalted (and I am a salt fiend, and LOVE guanciale). I would like to think that work-week lunch or dinner is a different story than a weekend lunch which struck me as an afterthought. In an case, my rec for anybody lunching on a weekend is to go elsewhere. You will have better food, and surely friendlier service.

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                    Interesting review of Acqua because I too have detected the staff's underlying boredom there which I personally find a total turn-off in a restaurant.