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Jun 4, 2008 09:24 AM

La Scarpetta continued

computer glitch:

Our entrees were equally disappointing. The seared scallops were overdone.

This is, to my finding, a cold dining room. The whole thing felt more like a place to see and be seen. I would not rush back nor would I, in a city like NY, ever recommend this as
a place for great dining.

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  1. Roxie...maybe if you had gotten the name of the restaurant right (just La) you might have found some reviews. That said I do think that your claim that because you were dissatisfied with your dish that another one should be comped while you are waiting for a replacement is insane. Can you imagine if every time someone wanted their steak done a little more they got a free app while they were waiting?

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    1. re: food10011

      OK on the name problem..but, I do not agree that expect some acknowledgement perhaps not a full comp is the right way to do business. We are not talking about degree of "done" on a steak which I never expect to be comped for. We are talking about a pricey appetizer in an upscale dining establishment. It was inedible and the wait for a replacement was lengthy.
      It is places with style that will ask if you would like dessert or wine on the house for such a snafu.

      BTW~food, I have eaten all over the world and have experience with what is reasonable. I found Scarpetta lacking luster is all camps.