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Jun 4, 2008 09:22 AM

Brookside Inn Restaurant, Oxford, CT - Good Rustic Italian Food

Last night we ate at Brookside Inn, in Oxford, on Route 67 (or Oxford Road). This is less than three miles from Highway 8, and Seymour.
This is a nice place that doesn't really seem to put on airs. They have a nice, well-lit bar, a bar dining area and a diningroom (I guess for those that don't want to be near drinking?). They have a generally, middle-aged crowd. We ate in a booth in the bar dining area and it was quiet and relaxing. The booth we sat in is fine for four average-sized people but the seats might be a little confining for two large adults. I thought their size odd. Talk about odd, SO had a magnetic knife which latched onto her fork (see pic on second installment). No others were like that....

The diningroom contains a salad bar. The salad bar, good though not fancy, has really good bread (you slice yourself), tomatoes, romaine lettuce, fuzzy fish, a very good humus and more of the usual stuff. Only negative: they only have the crummy, black, pitted, canned olives and I didn't think much of the one white cheese they had. As I said, a good, solid salad bar.
We went for the Pre-fixe meal which does not include dessert, for $16.95. SO had calamari appetizer, while DH (meaning me: DH=d*-head) had Cajun shrimp. Both were enough for two and both were fresh and very well prepared. Calamari was tender while the shrimp really had no heat but the seasoning was nice. I didn't care for the sweet dip for the shrimp and used SO's calamari tomato sauce, instead.
Her entree choice was pork porterhouse with potatoes and peppers while I went with Veal Marsala and a side of linguini. Both were very well prepared and tasty in a rustic way. Nothing fancy or exotic. You can see that they sprinkled some parsley flakes on our plates but that was it! I thought my veal dish was a little under-seasoned, but for the most part, remidied with some salt and pepper. Our waitress brought a parmessan cheese bottle to the table. Speaking of our waitress, Tracy was excellent. She was doing heroic duty at perhaps six customer's tables at once and everyone was getting good service. She suggested dessert when I was debating over the house-made tiramisu or something else. She suggested the house-made "icebox cake". Yes folks, the cake was as big as an icebox, and white, too! Not quite.... It is a Ginger Mascarpone Icebox Cake, and was it delicious (see pic)!
They have a short, decent, wine list and they have a list of about four reds by the glass. We chose that and had two Gnarly Head Zins and I tried a Scansano blend, which was OK, but somewhat warm, and a glass of Blackstone Merlot that I enjoyed more.
This entire meal cost us $72!
We were thrilled with this find, to say the least.

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  1. Additional images showing area where we ate, looking into bar area, and the knife that had a strange attraction for the fork!

    1. Keep up the reviews. I enjoy reading them. I believe this place has been there forever! Thanks, Richie

      1. I totally disagree with this review. This place is awful from the food to the service to the decor. I wouldn't bring my dog here. Would NEVER recommend to anyone!

        1. We've had a couple of lunches there on occasions when we met a friend who worked down in Oxford. Both times we had fish. The first time it was excellent, the second good. (His office regularly orders food from there and has had no complaints.). We do find it a nice, unpretentious atmosphere with decent prices and good food. It has always been busy when we've been there, even early in the week.