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Jun 4, 2008 09:02 AM

acme chophouse closed????

i read the chron online (i'm in sacramento) and the headline said "The Westfield Mall outpost is temporarily out of service, as is Acme Chophouse and Limon" but i never could find any mention of acme in the article??? is it me, am i blind? coming down for concert on sunday and we thought we'd go to acme

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  1. Out the Door & Limon are closed temporarily.

    edit: weird, I see the link you're talking about, but when you click the link there's no mention of it.

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    1. re: kc72

      thanks- i thought i was losing it!! was going to ask my secretary but felt too stupid!

    2. There's no mention of Acme in that article, or elsewhere in the Chron in the past month, and they're taking reservations for Sunday through

      1. You're not going blind...I read that article yesterday and recalled that Acme Chophouse would be closed til Thursday (I think) due to unspecified damage.

        Oddly, there's no mention of it in the article today.

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        1. re: manda

          maybe it's was an error by the Chron folks and they fixed it on their site today? I was at the ballpark on Sunday and walked by Acme and they looked open.

        2. You just gave me a near heart attack.

          1. The sign on ACH says "closed for repairs" and they were closed. That could be code but if they're closed during a home stand, not a good sign. I'm sure they'll be open again...seems like too pricey of a location to let lay.

            I just happen to walked by since I work nearby and thought about getting a Lets Be Frank dog. Didn't get the dog, they weren't serving pup dogs and they've gone down hill so it was a no.If I could get inside I'd get brat off the left field midlevel.

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              I just called, they're closed today for repairs, expect to be open by lunchtime tomorrow.