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Jun 4, 2008 09:00 AM

Haverhill eats

Stopped by our usual place The Tap so my friend could have his favorite Leatherneck (I think that's the name) beer. We also split some portobello fries and those were excellent. Good frying, fair amount of mushroom "fingers", good dipping sauce, $8.95. Went to the show at Welfare Records (which sadly was their last due to neighbor/police problems) then over to the bar at Keon's for some appetizers. And a "martini" (please note quotation marks). This place bought the bar from the old Rat so had to be visited once. Too bad their prices are on the high side, for anyone, not just Haverhill. Can't remember what fruit combo drink I got but it was fine, beer choices weren't overly exciting. We split a bibb salad w/ goat cheese, nuts and champagne vinaigrette, a little overdressed and the cheese and nuts were very segregated on one side of the plate which was kind of weird. We also tried the manchego cheese/crab stuffed clams and these were tasty but only four little guys on the plate, not much crab taste, not really worth $10. Salad was $8, most entrees in the $20's. Glad we went but I'll probably just stick with the pub grub or try the other place that begins with G down from the Tap if we go back to record shop. Everyone else enjoyed the Tacos Lupita down the street. If there's something else decent, let me know.

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  1. i don't think Keon's is that pricey at all. in fact i was just talking about their price point with a few friends who are more regular there than i am and all remarked that they still list their filet for under $30. as for beers, i have spoken to the owner and tried to persuade him to add a rotating or Guest tap but he's of the opinion that it wouldn't move too well.

    George's, the G place down from the Tap is decent but has been curiously not too busy the last few weekends.

    Krueger's Flatbread (more pizza-ish than flatbread-y) is decent now that they got their oven seasoned. Olivia's (attached to Kruegers) is solid red sauce.

    Tacos Lupita is excellent and does a great tripe soup (Menudo) on Sundays.

    i've heard that Sparky's Wings is very good for lunch type stuff and the Essex Street Grill seems to be doing a good business.

    i haven't been to the new Italian place that used to be River City Billiards but their lack of an awning makes the place look dumpy. i did hear though that it's standard red sauce fare.

    there's also a new Thai place (Taste of Bangkok?) where the old Chinese buffet place used to be in post office square that i heard is very good, but again, i have not been.

    stay away from The Hot Nepali, we went about two months after they opened and it was God-awful.

    i also was a fan of England's Micro Creamery but on two recent visits the ice cream seemed a little gritty or ice-y.

    Peddler's Daughter is a shadow of it's former self as far as food goes but they still put out a pretty good fish-n-chips, Sheppard's pie and burger.

    1. The beer is Leatherlips and is available at select stores in and around Boston. I usually find it at Derby Wines in Hingham but also Wine Galleries and Bauer have had it in the past for about $8 a six, which is cheap for a good six pack nowadays. Its a great IPA which weighs in around 5.5%, some people complained about inconsistencies when they first started bottling but I haven't noticed any issues. Informercial off...

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        they've been through a couple of brewers since their original one left. i do know what you mean about inconsistency, things are definitely better now.

        they are also serving an American Pale Ale that is Very Good.

        1. re: ScubaSteve

          Had the Whittier White recently, and would give it high marks, Sort of like a Belgian style wheat beer with the citric orange peel and coriander taste.

          1. re: ScubaSteve

            5 or 6 brewers in the last 5 years according to my count.

            Tod Mott - from Quincy ships, now at Portsmouth
            Dann Paquette - from Concord/Rapscallion went to England to brew
            Steve Bernard - from Ipswich, now at 3 Floydd's
            Mike Labbe - from Concord, now at Milly's in NH
            Dave Wilson - from Concord
            And I think they just hired another brewer to help out.

            Did I miss anyone?

            1. re: LStaff

              i came to TheTap under Steve.

              1. re: LStaff

                Rumor has it that Mike Labbe's departure was quite spectacular.

                I think I missed Dave Wilson. What week was he there?

                Jonathan Curtis is doing most of, if not all, of the brewing now.

                1. re: srgoodman

                  i was just there this afternoon and they were hopping a batch. the GF said it smelled awful, but to me it was Hop Paradise.

          2. If we're talking Haverhill eats, has anyone been to Evenfall lately?

            We were once about two years ago and our experience was abysmal. But I noticed that it continues to get good press in Boston mag and have had enough distance on experience #1 to wonder about a re-visit.

            Any recent reports?