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Jun 4, 2008 08:09 AM

Any opinions on...

Tredici 13 or Caffè della Posta?
What are the prices like?

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  1. I went to "Caffe della posta" in december 2006 ( long time ago in restaurant years), and never considered going back.


    The restaurant is at the old Vaudeville restaurant location, old-ish french bistrot decor, black and white floor tiles, leather banquette, classic tables, and all the standard restaurant hardware.

    The menu is small, 1/2 dozen appetizers, 1/2 mains, the menu looks like it will change every week ( it was dated on the menu )

    THe wine list is also small and exclusivelly italian.

    We see the relation to the big sister that is BU.

    Food wise, it was ok, I had some polenta with pancetta as an app. and some penne like pasta serve with pork Ragu ( that was good ) and a side dish of green salad ( a bit on the vinagtry side ).

    The wine was also nice, a Luciano Sandrone barbera-d'alba 2004, it was "warm" and conforting.

    Staff was ok, Patrick st-Vincent was there, serving and handling the front room.

    I have no base of comparision for Italian restaurant, so I cannot say if this is good or not compared to other italian restaurants in MTL.

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        I did and wasn't impressed. My coffee was bitter as hell and my panini was just average. Caffe in Gamba just around the corner is way better

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          Went by Tredici 13 a few days ago, here is a report:

          I went for lunch and sat outside. It was a beautiful summer day, and the shade provided by the building allowed us to enjoy the day but avoid sunburn. It was a very pleasant place to eat lunch.

          I ordered the poached cod lunch special, as did my friend. It came with either soup or salad. My friend ordered the tomato soup (hot), which was a generous portion, and very good, although I must admit, there was a hint of taste of Campbell's tomato soup, almost as if they had used it as a base for the soup, and then doctored it up with other ingredients like fresh tomatoes, broth and olive oil. I could be wrong! It was still tasty. I had the salad, consisting of mesclun and a balsamic vinaigrette. It wasn't exciting, but it was well prepared, and I like the fact that they drizzled a lot of very thick sweet aged balsamic vinegar on top, it was quite decadent.

          The bread consists of toasted pieces of foccacio with herbs. They serve a dipping sauce of olive oil, dried tomatoes and something spicy, perhaps pepperonici. Very pleasant.

          The cod was excellent. It was a generous portion of poached cod topped with boiled baby spinach and laid on a bed of lentils. They used the small french lentils de Puy, and served them with chopped bell pepper, sun-dried tomato, green onions in a lovely bath of olive oil. It was a little undersalted, but once I added some salt, it was delicious. I'm going to have to try to recreate this dish.

          I finished with an espresso. This was disappointing. It was quite bitter and over-extracted. Oh well.

          For my salad, cod and espresso: $25 including tax and generous tip (service was excellent). I did not order wine or other beverages with my meal. This is not a cheap lunch by any means. I enjoyed my lunch very much, and would go back again, but it may not meet everyone's QPR standards. Lunch was tasty, company was excellent, and it was a nice place to spend a lovely summer afternoon.