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Jun 4, 2008 08:09 AM

BBQ in the Sunshine State

I am a Mississippi transplant and am DEEPLY saddened at the lack of good BBQ that SoFla has to offer. One of the only things I am a snob about is BBQ (the other is Alabama football!!) Maybe I am missing some places... suggestions?!? I am willing to drive... just looking for a direction!

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  1. There's an old fashioned BBQ place on Calle Ocho within a few blocks from the intersection of Douglas Road that makes decent BBQ. Can't remember the name but it was something like Bob's Cabin. Also, there's Sonny's locations all over town, including the one on US 1 near Dadeland. Granted, I'm sure it's not as delish as Miss. BBQ, but it'll tide you over.

    1. Tom Jenkins BBQ at Davie Blvd and US1 in Ft. Lauderdale. The real deal. Get the spare ribs.

      1. IMHO, you can forget Sonny's. Or any other chain BBQ.

        There's a wonderful BBQ place on Highway 41 (Tamiami Trail) just West of Miami on the way to the Everglades and Naples. It's on the south side close to Krome Avenue (at least i think it's Krome Ave.) Whenever I go to Miami from my home on Marco Island, I always stop there for pulled pork. Wish I could remember the name.

        In Ft. Lauderdale, there's Tom Jenkins' BBQ at 1236 South Federal Highway. It's one of my very favorite BBQ joints! You'll smell the smoke a block away.

        Good luck!

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          As far as eating meats that have been (legitimately) cooked low-n-slow....South Florida has two very solid establishments in Tom Jenkins BBQ in Ft. Lauderdale and BBQ Beach on Miami Beach.....I regularly attend (and judge) professional BBQ Memphis in May.....BarbeQlossal.....and these two restaurants serve 'real' BBQ.....Maybe not World Championship caliber BBQ.....but as restaurnat BBQ goes....very, very good.....And there are others out there....but these two places are extremely reliable and it's always best to hit them during prime time to ensure the meat is hot, fresh and un-rotated (and that goes with any BBQ establishment)

          The place that 1stmakearoux is thinking about is a place simply called "The Pit".......It's not bad and I've eaten there probably more times than I'd care to remember....Their meats are more grilled than low-n-slowed....kind of like Shorty's.....and it's edible.....But not nearly as good as Tom Jenkins or BBQ Beach.....Have read good things about The Georgia Pig but haven't visited there as of yet.....


        2. I'm from Georgia and there is only one worthy place between Ft. Lauderdale and Stuart that I know of. If you like Texas style BBQ that is properly smoked like nobody else does it, then read my review about Austin's Smokehouse in Hobe Sound. There is no other choice that I know of.

          Otherwise, expect nothing but faux-Q at all of these other places I have been.
          Park Avenue BBQ
          Mississippi Sweets
          Georgia Pig

          Do NOT go to this place:
          Lucille's Bad To The Bone

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            No other Texas-style joints? I prefer smoky, spicy, and *hot* over the vinegary, sweet that you get with southern-style BBQ. Dry-rub is really good, too.

              1. re: flavrmeistr

                CW's is still there and they both are within a mile or less of each other. Austin's is on Bridge Road between US1 and A1A/Dixie. I can't get myself to even try CW's with what I get at Austin's, but maybe one day.

            1. Troy's BBQ....Boynton Beach
              How many times to I have to say it

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                I knew I left one out and it is Troy's in Boynton, only open from Thurs thru Sunday I believe. Troy's has charcoal with "grilled" BBQ (not smoked) and it is not a destination place. Good if in the area and you may want to read the reviews on Troy's first.

                I think Troy's is second best out of the places I have listed and is much better than the Georgia Pig.


                1. re: HotMelly

                  You are completely dead on!!! I couldn't wait until this weekend, and went last night... MUCH TO MY DELIGHT!! I ate my entire rib dinner with glee and used all three napkins given to me. My BF and I both agreed it was well worth the 67 mile round trip!!!!

                  I hereby give my official endorsement of TROY's as being the closest to real southern BBQ that i have had in SoFla. (Sauce was differnent and not as plentiful as I am used to. Also ribs were smaller and slightly less moist than normal, although still better than anything else I have had outside of the SOuth).

                  The atmosphere, including smoker in the back, and friendly laughing faces, made me so happy that I almost felt at home!

                  HIGH RECOMMENDATION!!

                  2 rib dinners, including wonderful mac and cheese, peas, and cornbread, cost a mere $26.50.

                  1. re: magnoliaqween

                    Wow...this thread is taking off! I'm really glad you liked it and if you are up near Hobe Sound, definitely check out Austin's Smokehouse. It's well worth it IMO. As you can tell, I love my Q!

                    And HotMelly was the one who brought up Troy's after I completely forgot about it.