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BBQ in the Sunshine State

I am a Mississippi transplant and am DEEPLY saddened at the lack of good BBQ that SoFla has to offer. One of the only things I am a snob about is BBQ (the other is Alabama football!!) Maybe I am missing some places... suggestions?!? I am willing to drive... just looking for a direction!

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  1. There's an old fashioned BBQ place on Calle Ocho within a few blocks from the intersection of Douglas Road that makes decent BBQ. Can't remember the name but it was something like Bob's Cabin. Also, there's Sonny's locations all over town, including the one on US 1 near Dadeland. Granted, I'm sure it's not as delish as Miss. BBQ, but it'll tide you over.

    1. Tom Jenkins BBQ at Davie Blvd and US1 in Ft. Lauderdale. The real deal. Get the spare ribs.

      1. IMHO, you can forget Sonny's. Or any other chain BBQ.

        There's a wonderful BBQ place on Highway 41 (Tamiami Trail) just West of Miami on the way to the Everglades and Naples. It's on the south side close to Krome Avenue (at least i think it's Krome Ave.) Whenever I go to Miami from my home on Marco Island, I always stop there for pulled pork. Wish I could remember the name.

        In Ft. Lauderdale, there's Tom Jenkins' BBQ at 1236 South Federal Highway. It's one of my very favorite BBQ joints! You'll smell the smoke a block away.

        Good luck!

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          As far as eating meats that have been (legitimately) cooked low-n-slow....South Florida has two very solid establishments in Tom Jenkins BBQ in Ft. Lauderdale and BBQ Beach on Miami Beach.....I regularly attend (and judge) professional BBQ competitions....like Memphis in May.....BarbeQlossal.....and these two restaurants serve 'real' BBQ.....Maybe not World Championship caliber BBQ.....but as restaurnat BBQ goes....very, very good.....And there are others out there....but these two places are extremely reliable and it's always best to hit them during prime time to ensure the meat is hot, fresh and un-rotated (and that goes with any BBQ establishment)

          The place that 1stmakearoux is thinking about is a place simply called "The Pit".......It's not bad and I've eaten there probably more times than I'd care to remember....Their meats are more grilled than low-n-slowed....kind of like Shorty's.....and it's edible.....But not nearly as good as Tom Jenkins or BBQ Beach.....Have read good things about The Georgia Pig but haven't visited there as of yet.....


        2. I'm from Georgia and there is only one worthy place between Ft. Lauderdale and Stuart that I know of. If you like Texas style BBQ that is properly smoked like nobody else does it, then read my review about Austin's Smokehouse in Hobe Sound. There is no other choice that I know of.


          Otherwise, expect nothing but faux-Q at all of these other places I have been.
          Park Avenue BBQ
          Mississippi Sweets
          Georgia Pig

          Do NOT go to this place:
          Lucille's Bad To The Bone

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            No other Texas-style joints? I prefer smoky, spicy, and *hot* over the vinegary, sweet that you get with southern-style BBQ. Dry-rub is really good, too.

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                CW's is still there and they both are within a mile or less of each other. Austin's is on Bridge Road between US1 and A1A/Dixie. I can't get myself to even try CW's with what I get at Austin's, but maybe one day.

            1. Troy's BBQ....Boynton Beach
              How many times to I have to say it

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                I knew I left one out and it is Troy's in Boynton, only open from Thurs thru Sunday I believe. Troy's has charcoal with "grilled" BBQ (not smoked) and it is not a destination place. Good if in the area and you may want to read the reviews on Troy's first.

                I think Troy's is second best out of the places I have listed and is much better than the Georgia Pig.


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                  You are completely dead on!!! I couldn't wait until this weekend, and went last night... MUCH TO MY DELIGHT!! I ate my entire rib dinner with glee and used all three napkins given to me. My BF and I both agreed it was well worth the 67 mile round trip!!!!

                  I hereby give my official endorsement of TROY's as being the closest to real southern BBQ that i have had in SoFla. (Sauce was differnent and not as plentiful as I am used to. Also ribs were smaller and slightly less moist than normal, although still better than anything else I have had outside of the SOuth).

                  The atmosphere, including smoker in the back, and friendly laughing faces, made me so happy that I almost felt at home!

                  HIGH RECOMMENDATION!!

                  2 rib dinners, including wonderful mac and cheese, peas, and cornbread, cost a mere $26.50.

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                    Wow...this thread is taking off! I'm really glad you liked it and if you are up near Hobe Sound, definitely check out Austin's Smokehouse. It's well worth it IMO. As you can tell, I love my Q!

                    And HotMelly was the one who brought up Troy's after I completely forgot about it.

                2. Based soley on Freakerdude's recommendation, I went to Austin's in Hobe Sound.....I also thought the BBQ there was very, very good...authentic....low-n-slow....But the meals there were very, very over-priced and under-portioned....(read reviews on this place in various newspapers and their comments are also similar)....Austin's isn't worth the drive from South Florida if Jenkins and BBQ Beach is closer by for you.....Remember, gas if $4 a gallon!!....But if you're in the Palm Beaches or Treasure Coast....Austins does serve very good BBQ and is worth stopping by.....It's also in a very affluent area and perhaps that's why the prices at Austins are so high and the portions so small......


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                    I still think People's BBQ is better than BBQ Beach. When I went to BBQ Beach, I thought that by comparision the corn bread, sides and ribs were just not as good. As for the ribs, it might be the sauce, not only the ribs, that won me over at People's. But that's me.

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                      I liked People's BBQ....but they cut up the ribs in a way that didn't work for me.....I really liked the sides that they had there....collards...mac-n-cheese and cornbread and fried okra.....But BBQ Beach is strong in Ribs, Chicken, Brisket and Pulled Pork and their stuff is smoked for way longer periods of time which I like......I like People's...But meat vs meat...and that's what BBQ is all about....BBQ Beach wins easily in my book....

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                          THIS IS SO EXCITING! Thank you for all of your recommendations, although I highly disagree with any endorsement of Tom Jenkins... way overpriced and highly under-seasoned... not to mention a rip off!!

                          I am going to try Troy's this weekend. I also have found some others and would love any suggestions on these:

                          Elwood's Dixie BBQ in Del Ray

                          Robinson's BBQ in Boynton

                          John D's Tavern and Cracker Style BBQ in WPB

                          Ayos Louisianna BBQ in WPB

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                            I notice hardly any of these places are in Miami, aside from Shorty's (and I never think of Miami Beach as part of "Miami" proper). I wonder what it is about Miami that doesn't attract good BBQ joints or fans. Is the largely Hispanic population just not that into it?

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                              It's the market - but really, there's plenty of barbecue joints in Miami too - restaurants and smokers by the streets. Miami New Times mentions a smoker in South Miami and DailyCocaine has mentioned one up on Biscayne. Then there's the Jamaican restaurants that makes their own barbecue and then there's the Cuban ones. But really, they each all have their own flavor and may not constitute what we call barbecue except for the select few. We're picky eaters here and appreciating diverse tastes when it comes to the same cut of meat is often hard to do, especially since most people grow up with one type of "barbecue."

                              As a South American, my traditional barbecue is at a steak house, not a "barbecue joint." I'm sure the same can be said of many other, but not all, Hispanics.

                              What I'm trying to say... Miami doesn't lack any barbecue. Maybe it just needs more of every type of barbecue to appease everyone's tastes so that it could compete with the type of barbecue up "north."

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                                Best barbeque I ever had in Miami was in an alley near Red Road and 130th in Hialeah. Wonderful golden-brown ribs and succulent chopped pork with maduros and a huge helping of congri for $5. No sauce. Beer and sodas on ice for a buck. Fabulous. Went there about 5-6 times before they folded the tent. Literally, for that's what it was--a tent and six cookers made from 55 gallon drums. Barbecue Shangri-La. *sigh*

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                                Why is there so little good Southern style "Q" in Miami? As my friend from Deland says, "in Florida you have to go north to get to the south".

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                                  Could it be that >90% of the folks in Baja Florida aren't from the South, but are foreigners on one kind or another?

                                  No disrespect intended.

                                  Just observing that most folks are from the Caribean, South America or North of the Mason Dixon line.

                                  I should know, I live in Snowbirdistan (aka Alta Flo-ri-da)

                              3. re: magnoliaqween

                                Hell, try 'em all! How else will you know?

                                1. re: flavrmeistr

                                  I think I am- I tried Troy's last night (67 MILE TRIP) and was extremely pleased that I did. I posted about it above, and give it my highest recommendation!!

                        2. re: LargeLife

                          Austin's large pork sandwich is like $7.99 with chips and samplers with ribs, brisket, and pork with two sides are around $16. You'll spend more than this at a TGI Chilibee's. I drive around 20 miles one way from NPB just to go there.

                          In comparison to the Ga. Pig it is expensive, b/c the most expensive plate @ GP is $11. There is no comparison to what is served.

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                            You can also try The Miracle Rib on Avenue D in Ft. Pierce. Just don't wear any jewelry and don't go alone. Forget seedy; the neighborhood is BAD. Ribs are the best. There is also Norris's on US1 just north of town. Not as good, but not as scary.

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                              The Miracle Rib is pretty darned good....but very inconsistent because when you get there they either have ribs hot and ready to go....or they don't....sides were very good and tasty....Hated to see Tillman's close....I thought their ribs were superior to The Miracle Rib....I know that 'Hood pretty well and there' no reason not to go.....It's a bad neighborhood but NOTHING will happen to anyone on their property...it's an 'honor code'......Norris?? If you like parboiled ribs....that's the place for you....I like mine low-n-slow and I'm going to fire up my Big Green Egg tomorrow for about 6 hours.....Can't wait

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                                Dude, I'm impressed. I've been posting on this board for years about the Miracle and you're the first person to acknowledge the place. The ribs are pretty good; the sauce and the sides are outstanding. Okra and tomatoes, lima beans, collards. Good honest cooking. Still, it is on the Avenue and it's best to stay on your toes. (Interesting side note: Crack cocaine was invented on Avenue D.)

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                                  Thanks for the mad props! I'm a BBQ aficionado....and I'll go just about anywhere to eat it.....Avenue D is a pretty interesting place and I'm not at all surprised that's where crack cocaine was invented there!!.....As I wrote....I liked Miracle but the inconsistency as far as ribs not always being readily available drove me nuts.....Their sides and cornbreads were really, really great......I'll go just about anywhere for BBQ.....Stubbs in Austin....Sonny Bryan's (original) in Dallas.....or Avenue D in Ft. Pierce...if it's good....I'll get there eventually......I thought Tillmans ribs were the best I had ever eaten....and he closed up....dang!


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                              We're splitting hairs here...but that's why chowhound exists....My wife owns a catering company....and we do everything from 5-star gourmet to company BBQ/Picnics....I know what meat costs...shrinkage....portioning and all that goes with it....Andy by the portions given....Austin's is crazy expensive.....And again...that's not just my opinion....I read 3 different reviews in 3 different papers and each one said the same thing.....But again....it's in Jupiter....close to Jupiter Island....and the folks there don't care much about what anything costs.....I though the "Chek" brand soft drinks was a nice touch too!.....


                              1. re: LargeLife

                                Chek colas....hehehe. I get a red cream soda every time I am there. Gotta go get my Q fix today with all of this talk going on.

                                1. re: freakerdude

                                  What eMac claims and what the prices actually are is different. The above prices I mentioned are higher than I thought. While they are neither "very expensive" nor "crazy expensive", they aren't much higher than most other Q joints. This is a business he is running and not community service. I highly doubt he gets much biz from the Jupiter Island folks nor do I doubt that he prices his food according to that area.

                                  Here are Austin's real prices and Chowhounders can decide for themselves if they consider this very expensive.

                                  "Real deal" pulled pork sandwich with chips 4.95 Large 6.50
                                  They also have smoked brisket or beef sandwiches for the same price. You won't find a large pulled pork sandwich much bigger or with more pork on it than this one. And the properly smoked quality of the pork is top notch.

                                  Platters and plates below include 2 sides and cornbread:
                                  Pork platter 9.95
                                  Brisket platter 11.95
                                  Ribs 12.95
                                  Samplers are 14.95 and 15.95 with three meats

                                  The samplers are actually too much food for most people. Other offerings besides two types of ribs, one dry rubbed and one mago bbq sauced, are smoked chicken, turkey, and beef. And there's much more on the menu than just the above like chili, smoked fish dip, queso dip, a southwestern style burritos, and other sandwiches .

                                  Sides are the only slightly expensive thing at 2.50 each but well worth it. Campfire beans are butt kickin' good and I get them every time I go. My large pork sandwich, chips, campfire beans, and drink was a whopping $10.

                                  Don't let eMac's unfounded complaint about overpriced, underportioned BBQ sway you from trying this place. You will not find anything better.

                                  1. re: freakerdude

                                    As I previously wrote....I urged folks to check out other reviews of the restaurant from various other newspaper sources....not just my own review....And those other newspaper sources ALL commented that they didn't think they' were getting much food for the money.....So...it's not just MY comment....others also suggested the very same thing......

                                    I also commented that I thought his food was quite good.....and that we liked the food there quite a bit.....and would stop by again if in the area.....But as good as it was...it just wasn't worth the 80+ mile round trip drive for us.....For US!

                                    My comments weren't unfounded.....I have a pretty good grasp on and understand today's food costs....rising food costs....portioning and the like.....I happen to own a reasonably successful catering company with my wife.....and I know what it costs to serve good food.....And if you think that restauranteurs don't price their products to match the wallet size of who is walking into their establishments....you sir would be incorrect!......If you don't think that the affluent folks from Jupiter Island don't like BBQ or don't stop by and eat at this establishment....again...you sir....would be incorrect....It's called effective marketing of your product.......

                                    I liked this place....I would go back there again.....It was very, very good as low-n-slow BBQ'd meats go.....The fact remains that....for the size of portions served....they were expensive....But again....don't take just my word for it....Check out various reviews on this same restaurant by various area writers.......And you'll see their comments coincide with mine......That's all....

                                    1. re: LargeLife

                                      The affluent folks from Jupiter Island are rarely ever in town. When they are, they don't do their own shopping. These are the people who consider Palm Beach "vulgar". The serious money. They don't have anything to do with Hobe Sound when visiting their winter digs. If the serious money wants barbecue, the help takes care of it. You won't find them standing in line for campfire beans.

                                      1. re: flavrmeistr

                                        I dunno....rich folks get out and slum once in a while......My wife's company handles 4 to 5 events on Jupiter Island per year....I'd say these folks were of old or older money.....And we find those rich, older money types to be the easiest to work with....if not more courtous and considerate.....But that's just been our experience....


                                        1. re: LargeLife

                                          Definitely old money, possibly the oldest. I've done a lot of work there myself over the years. It's been a mixed bag, to say the least. Rarely have I ever dealt with (or even seen) an actual resident. Their staff handles everything.

                              2. Glad you enjoyed Troy's Magnolia..... Stick with the HotMelly and you can't go wrong

                                1. magnolia.Just a few of my other favorites in Palm Beach county...
                                  Hurricane Alley in Boynton...They have a website
                                  Waterfront Tiki Sea Grill....Riviera Beach Marina