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Jun 4, 2008 08:08 AM

for a Vegetarian - Momofuku Ssam or Noodle?

if i'm going to dinner with a vegetarian, which one should we go to (i've heard that one doesn't have anything for vegetarians but can't remember which)?

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  1. ssam is very anti vege friendly.

    noodle bar has buns stuffed with shitake mushrooms if i remember...i took my ex, a pesce vege here and she barely could eat anything.

    theyre both bad places for veges.

    1. Agree with sam1: go somewhere else (anywhere else) with your veg friend.

      1. Noodle also offers ginger and scallion noodles that's veg. And just wanted to mention that the buns have dairy in case your friend is vegan. But I agree with the others -- go someplace else.

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        1. re: Miss Needle

          Ditto - and for items that APPEAR vegetarian/vegan, they may contain:

          dashi (in the mushroom salad)
          fish sauce (the deep fried vegetable dishes have it)
          secret butter / milk (pork bun wrappers)
          pork fat (vegetables may have been cooked in pork fat)

        2. Unless your vegetarian friend likes pork or likes to watch you eat, I'd suggest you avoid either place. There wouldn't be enough on the menu to get through an entire meal.

          1. Very few options for vegetarians at either. At Ssam, my friend was pretty much limited to the bread and butter, although they do have a japchae and bibimbap now, neither of which are anything special. Noodle Bar has one vegetarian option, but what's the point in going to a ramen bar for a bowl of dry noodles!